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The ATH-CKS55XBT features Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect to your Apple or Android Smartphone. The headphone features a built in amplifier to help power and drive the headphones wirelessly; offering superior performance; bass and audio quality. The in-line control allows full control of your Apple or Android device with the ability to adjust the volume; change tracks and answer phone calls.The ATH-CKS55XBT’s Solid Bass technology utilises an exclusive Double Air Chamber System. In addition to the main air chamber that houses the driver; the earpieces have an additional chamber that operates in conjunction with a specially shaped housing to control and focus the air flow produced by the driver movement and expand its bass output. In addition; the ear tips of the ATH-CKS55XBT are designed for maximum bass response; with a movable two-position post that lets wearers adjust the ear tips for the best fit; sound isolation and low-frequency performance. The ATH-CKS55XBT features Audio-Technica’s direct-diaphragm driver design that mounts the diaphragm assembly (the moving internal part that produces sound) directly onto the edge of the enclosure for increased fidelity and dynamic impact.Unique Bluetooth® neckband design allowing you to listen free-from-wiresSolid Bass System delivers rich bass and outstanding soundHigh impact bass with crisp & clear communicationIntegrated mic & controls for answering/ending calls; controlling music & video playback and controlling volume on smartphones and other listening devices Specifications:HeadphonesFrequency Response 5 – 24;000 HzDriver Diameter 12.5mmSensitiviy 105 dB/mWMaximum Input Power 100 mWWeight About 27gBluetoothCommunication SystemBluetooth® version 3.0Maximum Communication Range: approx. 10m (line of sight)Power Source: Built-in DC3.7V; lithium polymer batteryCharge/input jack : Micro USBCharging Time: Approx. 3 hoursOperating Time*: Continuous communication (at the time of music playback): 5 hours or more* The above figures depend on operating conditionsAccessories1.0m charging USB cableearpiece (XS; S; M; L) Selengkapnya
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Audio-Technica STREET MONITORING sealed on-ear headphone portable navy ATH-S500 NV intl at 640000.00 IDR from Lazada
Audio-Technica STREET MONITORING sealed on-ear headphone portable navy ATH-S500 NV intl
Rp 640.000 Rp 650.000
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Audio-Technica Ath-Un1 On-Ear Headphone - Black at 751000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica Ath-Un1 On-Ear Headphone - Black
Rp 751.000
The Ath-Un1 is an excellent choice for young trendy ones who are always on the go and looking for an enhanced listening experience. Used by brands like Louis Vuitton, the Ath-Un1 is carefully fitted with Ultrasuede® housings. Ultrasuede® provides superior antifriction and breathable properties for the ultimate comfort. It absorbs noise to prevents any audible sound leakage and is strong shock resistance, thus providing great individual enjoyment of sound on public transport. This trendy headphone comes with the newly designed 28mm diameter driver unit that ensures high quality sound. Our Japanese designers worked closely with Swedish design agency, No Picnic to carefully design headphones to fit any personality. The lightweight Ath-Un1 is an easy travel partner wherever you need music.
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Audio-Technica Ath-A700X Over-the-Ear Headphone at 1906000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica Ath-A700X Over-the-Ear Headphone
Rp 1.906.000
After 9 years, Audio-Technica Japan has finally released an upgraded model to replace its A700, the younger brother of the beloved A900. Introducing the new Ath-A700X, now in a metallic blue finish. The new A700X is about 20% lighter than its previous generation while retaining a full-body sound stage and an extended and solidified bass. Also D.a.d.s. (Double Air Damping System) for bass reproduction (D.a.d.s was developed for the legendary Audio-Technica Ath-W2002 Limited Edition Wooden Headphones. Large aperture 53mm drivers closed back design in wide range playback. Superior and deep resonating bass and vocal projection unmatched in its class. 3D Wing Support Housing vibration-proof mechanism (Pat) gives comfortable support for a better listening experience.
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Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Travel Headphones ATH-ANC33is at 980000.00 IDR from The Co-op
Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Travel Headphones ATH-ANC33is
Rp 980.000
The Co-op
Engineered to create a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise; these in-ear headphones feature a miniature microphone in each earpiece that picks up ambient noise (such as traffic; air-handling systems; etc.). Electronics in the QuietPoint control module create a noise-cancelling wave that is 180° out of phase with the ambient noise. This wave acts like a noise eraser: it cancels out the annoying sounds that surround you without diminishing the audio you want to hear. The result…a peaceful enclave to enjoy the music or movies of your choice.The ATH-ANC33iS in-ear headphones also feature an inline microphone and controller for answering calls and controlling music. The mic and controller support smartphones; iPhones; iPads; many iPods & other compatible devices. The microphone has an omnidirectional pickup pattern and it is designed for crisp intelligibility; so your voice will be clearly transmitted without having to speak directly into the mic.Advanced electronics cancel up to 90% of background noiseInnovative ANC circuitry delivers an exceptionally pure audio signal in noise-cancelling modInline microphone and controller for answering calls and controlling musicSoft interchangeable ear pieces (small; medium & large) provide a custom fitIncluded Comply™ Foam Tips comfortably seal the ear canal for outstanding noise isolation and retentionAudio functions (in passive mode) even without batterySoft pouch; airline adapter and single AAA battery included 
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Audio-Technica Ath-A900Xltd Limited Edition Over-the-Ear Headphone at 4216000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica Ath-A900Xltd Limited Edition Over-the-Ear Headphone
Rp 4.216.000
Based on the long anticipated Audio-Technica Ath-A900X, this limited edition headphone gives the successor to the legendary A900 a more refined look and sound. The body of the classic A900X is used, fitting comfortably over the ear and giving your audio the signature Art Series soundstage. 3D Wing Support Housing vibration-proof mechanism (Pat) gives comfortable support for a better listening experience. The red finish gives the limited addition a unique, higher quality look. The gold ring accents the finish, enhancing it's refined look. To improve the audio, a limited edition version of the A900X 53mm bobbin winding OFC voice coil driver is used. The cables employ Ofc-6N + OFC input code line grounded independent left and right output to emphasize sound quality, with a (4 core) structure.
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Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Headphones ATH-ANC70 at 2167000.00 IDR from The Co-op
Audio-Technica Noise Cancelling Headphones ATH-ANC70
Rp 2.167.000
The Co-op
p>Ideal for use with smart phones; tablets; laptops; music or DVD players & in-flight entertainment systems; ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint® closed-back headphones reduce unwanted background noise by up to 90% while delivering clear; high-resolution sound; with intense bass; a detailed midrange; extended treble and accurate imaging. When used with a smartphone; you can simply press the illuminated logo-button on the earcup to take a phone call or to return to your music or silence. A high-sensitivity mic has been built into the earcup; rather than the cable; for improved speech clarity and volume. The fixed-position mic maintains consistent distance from your mouth for uniform volume levels and eliminates noise from cable motion or rubbing . The earcups have been designed for greater comfort; with memory-foam padding and a shape that fits easily over any ear. The headband has been engineered to distribute mass evenly across the head; making it feel lightweight for longer wearing comfort.The ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint® headphones feature large-aperture 40 mm drivers with a rare earth magnet system and extremely high sensitivity to provide generous volume levels from any music source. The headphones also work when the noise-cancelling function is turned off; and operate in passive mode without batteries. Noise-cancelling electronics are fully integrated in each earpiece; with no need for external modules.
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Audio Technica Ath-S300 KH Portable Headphone - Orange Green [Ex] at 549000.00 IDR from Blibli
Audio Technica Ath-S300 KH Portable Headphone - Orange Green [Ex]
Rp 549.000 Rp 699.000
Audio Technica Ath-S300 KH Portable Headphone - Orange Green [Ex], hadir dengan desain stylish dan ergonomis. Headphone ini memiliki 40mm drive untuk mereproduksi suara yang jernih dan bass yang mendalam. Audio Technica Ath-S300 memiliki kabel sepanjang 1.2 m. Headphone ini juga memiliki earpad yang dirancang dengan busa yang lembut dan dapat meredam suara bising dari luar.
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Audio-Technica Ath-W1000X Over-the-Ear Headphone at 9510000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica Ath-W1000X Over-the-Ear Headphone
Rp 9.510.000
Pure American black cherry wood reproduces magnificent natural playback. 3D wing support for a great fit and long-wearing comfort. Large 53mm aperture drivers feature specially built 2-part magnetic circuits that produce high speed magnetic streams for improved sound quality. 6.3 mm gold-plated stereo plug with high elastic Elastomer sheath and Pc-Occ conductor cord . Frequency response: 5Hz - 42kHz . Includes 1/4-Inch gold-planted wooden plug
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Audio-Technica Ath-A2000Z Over-the-Ear Headphone at 7585000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica Ath-A2000Z Over-the-Ear Headphone
Rp 7.585.000
he Ath-A2000Z Art Monitor® closed-back dynamic headphones feature proprietary large-aperture 53 mm drivers to deliver exquisite Hi-Res Audio reproduction. The hand-assembled drivers include a top-quality German Permendur* magnetic circuit with significant magnetic flux density, Ofc-7N bobbin-wound voice coils for ultra-efficient signal transmission, a pure iron yoke for superior transient response, and a top-mounted PCB for smoother airflow that enables precise diaphragm movement. The housings of the Ath-A2000Z are crafted from rigid, pure-titanium housings and incorporate a lightweight magnesium alloy baffle to reduce unwanted resonance. The housings also feature Audio-Technica’s Double Air Damping System (D.a.d.s) for deep, natural-sounding bass reproduction. The bass is further extended by the headphones’ stitched, ergonomic earpads, which provide outstanding sound isolation along with unmatched comfort. The auto-adjusting fit of A-T’s improved 3D wing support system adds to the comfort, allowing you to listen to the headphones’ pure, high-resolution audio for hours on end.
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Audio-Technica ATH-AR1iS On-Ear Headphone with Mic - Red at 655000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica ATH-AR1iS On-Ear Headphone with Mic - Red
Rp 655.000
The ATH-AR1iS is light weighted & miniaturization with powerful sound and offers richly detailed sound in a compact foldable design.
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Audio-Technica Ath-A990Z Over-the-Ear Headphone at 2965000.00 IDR from
Audio-Technica Ath-A990Z Over-the-Ear Headphone
Rp 2.965.000
The Ath-A990Z Art Monitor® closed-back dynamic headphones feature proprietary large-aperture 53 mm drivers with OFC bobbin-wound voice coils to deliver Hi-Res Audio reproduction. The drivers’ integrated yoke and top-mounted PCB contribute to the high-resolution performance by providing superior transient response and smoother airflow for precise diaphragm movement. The lightweight aluminum housings reduce unwanted resonance and incorporate Audio-Technica’s Double Air Damping System (D.a.d.s) for deep bass reproduction. A-T’s improved 3D wing support system ensures a great, comfortable fit, aided by the headphones’ soft, premium-grade earpads. The 3.0 m (9.8') tangle-free cable is cloth-wrapped for lasting durability.

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