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Avent Nutrient-Preserving Bottle Warmer
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Avent Nutrient-Preserving Bottle Warmer The Avent nutrient-preserving bottle warmer warms your milk quickly and evenly. That way, the quality of your precious breast milk is preserved. The milk circulates during the warming process so that hot spots are prevented and your child can enjoy his/her meal without you worrying for him/ her getting burned. A special feature is the built-in sensor which controls and checks the temperature at all times in order to avoid overheating. Most vitamins and nutrients in milk are lost due to overheating. Apart from the different setting options of temperature, the Avent nutrient-preserving bottle warmer also features a defrost mode. A progress indicator shows mom and dad the stage of the warming process. That way, you will always know when your little one’s meal is ready. The automatic warming function keeps the meal warm for up to 20 minutes so that you can stay flexible until the device switches off automatically. The device is easy to use. Simply fill in the water and select the correct setting. The Avent bottle warmer is compatible with all Avent bottles, cups and jars. Details: * Easy use * Warms bottles quickly and evenly * Built-in sensor checks and controls temperature * Intelligent progress indicator * Automatic warming function for up to 20 minutes * Various setting options, defrost mode * Power: 220-240 volt * Suitable for all Avent bottles, cups and jars


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