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BEC ecoming Myself : A Psychiatrist's Memoir
Rp 357.000

'When Yalom publishes something - anything - I buy it, and he never disappoints. He's an amazing storyteller, a gorgeous writer, a great, generous, compassionate thinker, and - quite rightly - one of the world's most influential mental healthcare practitioners' Nicola Barker, Guardian Best Books of 2017'Wonderful, compelling and as insightful about its subject and about the times he lived in as you could hope for. A fabulous read' Abraham Verghese, author of Cutting for StoneIrvin D., Yalom has made a career of investigating the lives of others. In Becoming Myself, his long-awaited memoir, he turns his therapeutic eye on himself, delving into the relationships that shaped him and the groundbreaking work that made him famous.The first-generation child of immigrant Russian Jews, Yalom grew up in a lower-class neighbourhood in Washington DC. Determined to escape its confines, he set his sights on becoming a doctor., An incredible ascent followed: we witness his start at Stanford Medical School amid the cultural upheavals of the 1960s, his turn to writing fiction as a means of furthering his exploration of the human psyche and his rise to international prominence.Yalom recounts his revolutionary work in group psychotherapy and how he became the foremost practitioner of existential psychotherapy, a method that draws on the wisdom of great thinkers over the ages. He reveals the inspiration for his many seminal books, including Love's Executioner and When Nietzche Wept, which meld psychology and philosophy to arrive at arresting new insights into the human condition. Interweaving the stories of his most memorable patients with personal tales of love and regret, Becoming Myself brings readers close to Yalom's therapeutic technique, his writing process and his family life.

Kunjungi Toko
BEC ecoming Fiction : Reassessing Atheism In Duerrenmatt's 'stoffe' : 131
Rp 1.129.000

Becoming Fiction: Reassessing Atheism in Durrenmatt's Stoffe sets forth a clarification of the importance of Friedrich Durrenmatt, modern Swiss dramatist, essayist, novelist and self-proclaimed atheist (1921-1990), and offers new insights into the ways in which his father's vocation as a Protestant minister, along with Durrenmatt's own decision as a young man to pursue a career in writing rather than religion, shaped his world view and, in particular, made necessary a final, desperate attempt to fictionally recast his own life through revisions and amplifications of many of his earlier works when he created his final prose volume, Stoffe. Durrenmatt devoted immense energy in his writings to wrestling with his father's God as a way of seeking self-identity. That perceived loss of his father's esteem became the motor behind his works., After earlier successes, the icy reception of his most ambitious play, Der Mitmacher, in 1976, left the author in such a frustrated state of disappointment that he reached a point of linguistic breakdown. This book contends that Durrenmatt's loss of voice forced the author to a new kind of writing: a `re-turn' home. Becoming Fiction explores the damage caused by Durrenmatt's inability to express his most central beliefs through the outdated, deceptive modes of linguistic thought and tradition., Consequently, the book argues, at the point of that breakdown of rigid linguistic and theological concepts, a space was forced open, and the Stoffe reveal a Divine presence.


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