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Very simple and elegant long sleeve shirt made in soft viscose, printed by BERENIK. Fully lined. MATERIALS: FULL SHELL 100VISCOSE GEORGETTE VISCOSE SIZES: VERY LOOSE FIT 1 SIZE ----- About the designer: Veronika Brusa (born in 1983) is reserved creator who likes to pull back in order to deeply immerse herself in her work. She finds inspiration in unfamiliar surroundings, away from everyday routine and habitual patterns of behaviour, in places with a view of life and the world that is as free as possible. In the time after she completed her training as a graphic designer, Veronika Brusa gave her creative urges free rein, and in doing so blurred the lines between fashion, art and graphic design. In her work as an artist, she explored etching, woodcuts and silk-screening as well as collage and drawing. This creative process has enriched her development in the field of fashion. Since her stay in Shanghai in 2010 and the first extensive collection that she created there, she has fully concentrated her energies on her work as a fashion designer. As a self-educated individual, she experiments a lot and is always open to new themes, techniques and processes. With her label BERENIK, she pursues her passion with determination and ambition and designs a new collection two times a year.
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