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Minimalist Style. Minimalist Noise. Elegant external design meets precise acoustic engineering, in an unrivaled blend of beauty, power, and quiet.The 600Q is built to keep your PC whisper-quiet, no matter what's running inside. Sound damping material is built into the solid steel front, top and side panels, and the three-speed fan controller lets you pick your optimal noise and cooling performance levels. Elegant and functional 600Q's gorgeous external looks conceal an equally beautiful internal layout. Secure your cables with cleverly-positioned tie downs and routing grommets. Cleanly house the PSU and drive bays behind removable covers, optimally positioned to increase direct airflow — and decrease fan usage. Simplicity = fun It's easy to add drives, route cables, and get your system assembled just the way you want it. Spend less time building, and more time actually enjoying your PC. Cool means quiet 600Q's inverse ATX case design brings cool air directly to the components by eliminating obstruction from extra, unused drive bays. Natural airflow keeps fan noise to a minimum.Need big-time cooling for the latest and most powerful PC components? 600Q includes a variety of factory fan mounting positions, making it simple to step up to liquid CPU and GPU coolers. Inverse ATX layout With this new layout, airflow is easily directed at the hottest devices in your system; the GPU and Cpu, and not wasted on drive cages. Sound damping throughout Keep your system quiet and cool with high-density sound damping material on both side panels, the front panel, and top panel. It's so quiet, you'll find yourself wondering if your PC is even powered on. Steel exterior Get rid of those plastic cases – the 600Q has full steel exterior panels for extra durability and gorgeous good looks. Three included Af140L fans Great airflow doesn't have to be noisy – the Af140L fans can push good amounts of air across your hottest devices without that annoying fan hum, and the three-speed fan controller lets you decide exactly how fast they run. PSU and 5.25" bay cover Clean up the inside of your case by tucking all those cables and less-attractive drives behind a clean, refined PSU and 5.25" bay cover. Or remove them for assembly – it's up to you. Watercooling ready Fit up to a 280mm radiator up front and up to a 360mm radiator on bottom – along with the 140mm rear fan mount, that means your next build can be cool and beautiful. Easy to clean Easily access dust filters on front and bottom mean you'll never spend more than a minute getting dust out of your system. Easy to build Tool-free drive installation, side panel access, and tons of cable routing options and tie downs means you can spend less time building your PC and more time using it.

Corsair Komputer Indonesia

Yang terbaik dari Corsair Komputer adalah, Anda bisa mendapatkannya dengan pilihan warna Ungu, Putih dan Multicolour. Kini Anda bisa mendapatkan diskon hingga 55% ketika berbelanja Corsair Komputer online! Anda bisa temukan Corsair Komputer populer, seperti MAC Memory, STRAFE RGB dan STRAFE. Sedang mencari Corsair Komputer? Temukan pilihan terbaik bukan hanya dari Corsair Komputer, tetapi juga Hp, SanDisk dan Logitech. Percayakah Anda berbagai koleksi Corsair Komputer hadir dengan harga mulai dari IDR Rp 69.000 hingga IDR Rp 6.420.000 di iprice? Bergantung pada preferensi serta budget Anda, Anda bisa memilih diantara Perangkat Keras, Aksesoris Komputer dan Penyimpanan Data

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