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SALE DHC ouble Moisture Travel Set: Cleansing Oil 20ml + Soap 10g + Lotion 30ml + Cream 10g 4 pcs Brand from Japan: Dhc. Deep Cleansing Oil 20ml x 1 Mild Soap 10g x 1 Double Moisture Lotion 30ml x 1 Double Moisture Cream 10g x 1 A trial set (skin care) of a double moisture series containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. You can try 5 days. Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil: Natural beauty ingredients. Slippery dirt from the back of the pores will be removed and reset to the skin which moisture easily penetrates. Petroleum-based surfactant not used. Mineral oil not used. Mild Soap: Contains Olive virgin oil, honey. Wash thoroughly with plenty of fluffy foam. Double Moisture Lotion: Double hyaluronic acid formulation. Deliver dense moisture to the stratum corneum. Mineral oil not used. Mild acidity. Double Moisture Cream: Double hyaluronic acid formulation. With a fresh feeling of use, it keeps moisture for a long time. Mineral oil not used. Mild acidity. How to use: Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil: Be sure to use with dry hands. Take an appropriate amount (about 500 yen coarage) and make it to makeup. Rinse with water or lukewarm water. Mild Soap: Foam the soap well with the wet palm and wash so as to wrap the whole face with foam. Rinse with water or lukewarm water carefully. Double Moisture Lotion: After facial cleansing, take an appropriate amount (about 500 yen coffee) at the cotton or palm and gently adapt it while gently putting on the whole face. Double Moisture Cream: Take an appropriate amount (large soybean grain) in hand and massage it over the whole face while letting it fit. Rp 214.650 Rp 238.500 −10%

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