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Kunjungi Toko
Dreams of Norway Quartz crystal necklace oxidized
Rp 940.000
This necklace with smokey quartz crystal and pyrite dust is perfect for a boho chiq look! Also very good for layering. The collection "Transformation" is inspired by transformation both in external nature and the human internal nature. Specifically we've been inspired by tre transformation from a larvae through pupae to a butterfly breaking through in all its beauty and symbolism. At the same time experiencing a transformation within ourselves and within others growing more loving- towards ourselves, and every living thing around us, connecting everything- as if an inner light is breaking through our hard shell of armor. Length of pendant: 2,5 - 4 cm All natural stones vary in size and colour, so it may vary slightly from the picture. Length of chain: 60 cm Made in Norway.
Kunjungi Toko
Dreams of Norway Dawn Crescent Necklace Silver
Rp 1.445.000
A medium length necklace from our DAWN collection. Beautiful light silver colour. The DAWN collection is inspired by our belief in a new beginning- a new birth of the sacred feminine and the strengthening of the oneness and loving spirit in all of us. It symbolises the very start of this new beginning- the moment after the descent into the depth of our darkness- the inbetween nothingness (in norwegian: "ingentingligheten")- and the first speck of light, or the first form. Materials: Silver plated bronze. 3 cm extender chain in back with a mini- full moon on the end made of pure silver. All of our pieces are hand made in Norway.
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