SALE Farm Stay Green Tea Seed Moisture Toner 300ml Brand from South Korea: Farm Stay. Moisturizing tonic with green tea seeds. Light and refreshing, fragrant and very useful for the skin - a tonic with an extract of green tea seeds. Tonic is used immediately after washing and is designed to effectively moisturize and preserve the health of the skin. Completing the process of skin cleansing, tonic helps exfoliate dead cells, and also prepares the skin for subsequent cosmetic products. The extract of green tea seeds moisturizes the skin, has the ability to reduce inflammation and irritation, normalizes metabolic processes, improves complexion and eliminates redness, narrows the pores and regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to caffeine, contained in green tea, increases the elasticity of capillaries, strengthens them, stimulates blood circulation. In addition, it accelerates the synthesis of the necessary collagen skin, thereby increasing its elasticity and smoothing wrinkles. With regular use, the tonic with green tea extract has an anti-aging effect: It helps to smooth out the skin tone, smooth out fine wrinkles and reduce the depth of the pronounced ones. Also help to cope with skin rashes and prevent the emergence of new ones. In addition, cosmetics with green tea has excellent antioxidant properties, protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals, and also minimizes the negative impact of UV radiation. How to use: Apply the product to the cleansed skin with soft patting movements. Rp 214.650 Rp 238.500 −10%

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