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Haida Slim Pro II MC ND1000x 49mm (HD2019) jpckemang
Rp 400.000

Haida Neutral Density Filter is a solid neutral density filter providing a solid stop exposure. This solid density creates a darkening of the entire image, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you are able to control depth of field and convey movement more easily. Neutral density filters do not affect the overall coloration of the image. The Water Proof and Scratch Resistant Multi-Coating is both an anti-reflection coating as well as a protective surface. It helps to increase light transmission by reducing reflections, scattered light, and ghosting. Additionally, it offers greater protection to the filter substrate and stays cleaner for longer than uncoated filters. Haida Neutral Density filters are constructed from high quality optical glass for increased optical clarity and color fidelity. They feature an aluminum filter for durability. Haida Neutral Density Filters� Factors: Neutral Density, Exposure Adjustment, Light Transmission Nd0.3 (2x), 1 stop, reduces ISO by 1/2, 50% Nd0.6 (4x), 2 stops, reduces ISO by 1/4, 25% Nd0.9 (8x), 3 stops, reduces ISO by 1/8, 12.5% Nd1.8 (64x), 6 stops, reduces ISO by 1/64, 1.0% Nd2.7 (400x), 9 stops, reduces ISO by 1/500, 0.25% Nd3.0 (1000x), 10 stops, 0.1%   Neutral Density Filters Have Four Main Uses:   1. To enable slow shutter speeds to be used, especially with high speed ISOs, to record movement in subjects such as waterfalls, clouds, or cars. 2. To decrease depth of field by allowing wider apertures to be used, this helps separate subjects from their background. 3. To decrease the effective ISO of high speed film (above ISO 400) and allow it to be used outdoors in bright situation. 4. To allow cine and video cameras (which have fixed shutter speeds) to film subjects such as snow, sand or other bright scenes, this could cause over-exposure. Front Thread : 49mm   -Us/Tr


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Filter Kamera haida Indonesia

Nikmati diskon hingga 29% untuk pembelian Filter haida secara online di iprice! Slim Pro II MC CPL 52mm Filter Lensa, 100 Series Filter Holder dan Slim Pro II MC ND8 72mm Filter Lensa adalah koleksi Filter haida terpopuler. Jika Anda masih berpikir ulang untuk membeli Filter haida, maka saatnya Anda melihat  koleksi dari brand lain seperti DJI, Lion Star dan Hoya. Anda bisa menemukan penawaran menarik untuk daftar harga Filter haida di iprice dengan harga IDR Rp 80.000 hingga IDR Rp 2.600.000. Terdapat dua jenis Filter haida: Filter DSLR. Warna dasar seperti haida Oren, Multicolour dan Merah adalah warna terpopuler untuk Filter saat ini.