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Tamiya, Utak-atik Mobil Plastik nan Fantastik

Bila Anda membaca artikel Tamiya ini, maka entah Anda sudah cukup berumur atau masih sangat anak-anak karena mainan ini baru populer lagi sejak tiga tahun belakangan.

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. A collection of vampire horror films directed by Timur Bekmambetov. In Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012), Benjamin Walker stars as Abraham Lincoln, the 19th-century United States president, who is fictionally portrayed in the film as having a secret identity as a vampire hunter. After Lincoln's mother is killed by a supernatural creature, he makes it his life's mission to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers. Dominic Cooper and Rufus Sewell co-star. Night Watch (2004) tells the story of the 'Others'; who, whilst living amongst normal humans, possess a range of supernatural powers. They are divided up into the forces of light and the forces of the dark, having signed a truce several centuries ago to end a devastating battle. Ever since, the forces of light govern the day while the night belongs to their dark opponents. In modern day Moscow the dark Others actually roam the night as vampires, whilst a 'Night Watch' of light forces, among them Anton (Konstantin Khabensky), tries to control them and limit their outrage. Finally, in the sequel Day Watch (2006), over a year has passed since the denouement of the original film. Anton (Khabensky) continues to fight the forces of Darkness while simultaneously attempting to find and save his son (Dmitry Martinov), who has become a great Dark Other, from those same forces. But when Dark Others start mysteriously being murdered and Anton is framed for the killings, he must put his goal on hold and try to escape the Day Watch who are out looking for his blood. Selengkapnya
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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. Much praised and much missed after its premature cancellation, Firefly is the first SF TV series to be conceived by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy and cocreator of Angel. Set five centuries in the future, it is a show where the mysterious personal pasts of the crew of the tramp spaceship Serenity continually surface. In fact, it's a Western in space where the losers in a Civil War are heading out to a barren frontier. Mal Reynolds is a man embittered by the war, yet whose love of his comrades perpetually dents his cynicism--even in the 14 episodes that exist we see him warm to the bubbly young mechanic Kaylee, the preacher Book, the idealistic doctor Simon, even to the often demented River, Simon's sister, the psychic result of malign experiments. Firefly is also about adult emotional relationships, for example Kaylee's crush on Simon, the happy marriage of Mal's second officer Zoe and the pilot Wash, the disastrous erotic stalemate between Mal and the courtesan Inara. Individual episodes deal with capers going vaguely wrong, or threats narrowly circumvented; character and plot arcs were starting to emerge when the show was cancelled. Fortunately, the spin-off movie Serenity ties up some of the ends; and in the meantime, what there is of Firefly is a show to marvel at, both for its tight writing and ensemble acting, and the idiocy of the executives who cancelled it. Disc 1: Serenity - Parts 1 and 2, The Train Job, Bushwhacked Disc 2: Shindig, Safe, Our Mrs. Reynolds, Jaynestown Disc 3 :Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories, Trash Disc 4: The Message, Heart of Gold, Objects in Space. Special features. Selengkapnya
Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play. Beset by nightmares that leave his scar hurting more than usual, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is all too happy to escape his disturbing dreams by attending the Quidditch World Cup with his friends Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson). But something sinister ignites the skies at the Quidditch campsite; the Dark Mark, the sign of the evil Lord Voldemort. It's conjured by his followers, the Death Eaters, who haven't dared to appear in public since Voldemort was last seen thirteen years ago - the night he murdered Harry's parents. Harry longs to get back inside the safe walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) can protect him.… more » But things are going to be a little different this year. Dumbledore announces that Hogwarts will host the Triwizard Tournament, one of the most exciting and dangerous of the wizarding community's magical competitions. One champion will be selected from each of the three largest and most prestigious wizarding schools to compete in a series of life-threatening tasks in pursuit of winning the coveted Triwizard Cup Actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Jason Isaacs, Eric Sykes, Timothy Spall, David Tennant, Mark Williams, Robbie Coltrane, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Katie Leung, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Brendan Gleeson, Gary Oldman & Ralph Fiennes Director Mike Newell Certificate 12 years and over Year 2005 Screen Widescreen Languages English - Dolby Digital (5.1) Subtitles Catalan ; Chinese ; Danish ; Dutch ; English ; English for the hearing impaired ; Finnish ; German ; Italian ; Japanese ; Korean ; Norwegian ; Portuguese ; Spanish ; Swedish Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes (approx) Selengkapnya
Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. At fortysomething, straight-laced Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is living the dream-good job, nice house, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart. But when Cal learns that his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), has cheated on him and wants a divorce, his "perfect" life quickly unravels. Worse, in today's single world, Cal, who hasn't dated in decades, stands out as the epitome of un-smooth. Now spending his free evenings sulking alone at a local bar, the hapless Cal is taken on as a wingman and protégé to handsome, thirty-something player Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). In an effort to help Cal get over his wife and start living his life, Jacob opens Cal's eyes to the many options before him: flirty women, manly drinks and a sense of style that can't be found at Supercuts or The Gap. Cal and Emily aren't the only ones looking for love in what might be all the wrong places: Cal's 13-year-old son, Robbie, is crazy about his 17-year-old babysitter, Jessica, who harbors a crush on Cal. And despite Cal's makeover and his many new conquests, the one thing that can't be made over is his heart, which seems to keep leading him back to where he began. Actors Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Analeigh Tipton, Jonah Bobo, Joey King, Marisa Tomei, Beth Littleford, John Carroll Lynch, Kevin Bacon, Liza Lapira, Josh Groban, Mekia Cox, Julianna Guill, Zayne Emory, Crystal Reed & Joanne Brooks Director Glenn Ficarra & John Requa Certificate 12 years and over Year 2011 Languages English Selengkapnya
Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. Titles Comprise: Batman: After a young boy witnesses his parents' murder on the streets of Gotham City, he grows up to become Batman, a mysterious figure in the eyes of Gotham's citizens, who takes crime-fighting into his own hands. He first emerges out of the shadows when the Joker appears - a horribly disfigured individual who is out for revenge on his former employer and generally likes to have a good time, but the identity of the "bat" is unknown. Perhaps millionaire Bruce Wayne and photographer Vicki Vale have a good chance of finding out? Batman Returns: Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman. Can Batman battle two formidable foes at once? Like the Academy Award winning 1989 original, Batman Returns is directed by movie-making wizard Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it's a dazzling adventure that leaves you breathless. Batman Forever: Riddle me this; riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Val Kilmer (Batman), Tommy Lee Jones (Two-Face), Jim Carrey (The Riddler), Nicole Kidman (Dr. Chase Meridian) and Chris O'Donnell (Robin) star in the third spectacular film. Joel Schumacher directs and Tim Burton co-produces this thrill-ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on! Batman & Robin: Chills and thrills: will Gotham City be put on ice? George Clooney is Batman as the dark knight battles his greatest threat yet: Cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). New very special effects include a wild sky-surfing sequence and Freeze's outrageous ice-blasting arsenal. It's state-of-the-art excitement from our Batfamily to yours! Actors Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Gough, Danny Devito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Chris O'Donnell & Arnold Schwarzenegger Director Tim Burton & Joel Schumacher Certificate 15 years and over Year 1989 ; 1992 ; 1995 ; 1997 Screen 16:9 Languages English - Dolby Digital (5.1) Additional Languages Arabic Duration 7 hours and 57 minutes (approx) Region Region 2 - Will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players. Selengkapnya
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Beli Aneka Film Anak-anak dan Dewasa di iprice Indonesia

Siapa yang tidak suka menonton film? Menonton film adalah hobi yang sangat enak dan mudah untuk dilakukan, bisa dilakukan sambil memijat tubuh, makan, maskeran, berdiri, duduk bersila, tidur-tiduran dan lain-lain. Menonton film akan lebih seru jika dilakukan beramai-ramai, misalnya dengan teman, anak-anak, keluarga dan pasangan. Jika Anda suka menonton film, sekarang Anda bisa mendapatkan aneka film secara online di iprice Indonesia! Kami menawarkan lebih dari 100 film yang bisa Anda pilih, mulai dari film aksi, animasi, biografi, drama, edukasi, kriminal, thriller hingga TV seri semua bisa didapat dengan mudah. Sebagai catatan, film yang kami sediakan dalam bentuk DVD dan Blu-ray. Segera temukan film yang Anda sukai di iprice Indonesia!

Koleksi Film Terpopuler di iprice Indonesia

Berikut adalah aneka koleksi film yang terpopuler di iprice Indonesia:

  • Film Drama
  • Film Edukasi
  • TV Seri

Film drama adalah salah satu jenis film yang banyak disukai oleh konsumen iprice Indonesia. Di kala sedang bersantai dengan anak-anak dan keluarga, film drama dapat membuat pikiran menjadi rileks karena jalur ceritanya tidak berbelit-belit. Apalagi jika film drama yang ditonton adalah film kartun, pasti sangat lucu dan menghibur! Di iprice Indonesia Anda bisa menemukan aneka film drama kartun. Beberapa pilihan film drama kartun untuk DVD yang bisa Anda beli adalah Disney – Dvd Frozen, Disney - Dvd Tinkerbell : Secret Of The Wings, Disney - Dvd : Big Hero 6, Disney - Dvd Peter Pan 2 : Return To Neverland Special Edition Disney - Dvd Mickey Mouse Club House: Around The Clubhouse World dan Disney - Dvd : Cinderella 3 : A Twist In Time Special Edition. Sementara itu film drama untuk Blu-ray yang bisa Anda beli di iprice Indonesia adalah Rise of The Guardian 3D + Blu-ray dan Ghost Rider : Spirit Of Vengeance 3D + Blu-ray.

Film edukasi juga sering dibeli oleh para orang tua, ini karena anak-anak lebih tenang dan menurut jika disuruh menonton film edukasi. Selain dapat membuat anak-anak berinteraksi, film edukasi juga dapat menghibur anak-anak dan mengedukasi mereka. Singkat kata, sekali menyelam minum air! Beberapa pilihan film edukasi yang bisa Anda dapatkan secara online di iprice Indonesia adalah Emperor Edutainment - DVD Hi-5 Discovery 3 DVDs, Emperor Edutainment - DVD Hi-5 surprise 3 DVDs, Emperor Edutainment - DVD Pororo The Little Penguin Volume 1 (3DVD) dan Emperor Edutainment - DVD Pororo The Little Penguin Volume 3 (3 DVD).

Satu lagi koleksi film yang terpopuler di iprice Indonesia, yaitu TV seri! Bagi Anda yang senantiasa sibuk hingga melewati TV seri kesukaan Anda, sekarang Anda bisa mengikuti cerita TV seri tersebut hingga tamat karena di iprice Indonesia kami menjual film TV seri juga. Beberapa pilihan film TV seri yang bisa Anda dapatkan secara online di iprice Indonesia adalah Warner Entertainment Japan - The Vampire Diaries (Blu-ray) The Complete Second Season US Version, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment - House of Cards 2013 (Blu-ray) The Complete Fourth Season US Version, Anchor Bay Entertainment - Da Vinci’s Demons (Blu-ray) The Complete Third Season US Version dan lain-lain.

Aneka Film Lainnya yang Dijual di iprice Indonesia

Masih ada banyak film lainnya yang dijual di iprice Indonesia, seperti film thriller, film kriminal, film biografi, film animasi dan film aksi. Segera dapatkan film favorit Anda secara online di iprice Indonesia! Selamat berbelanja dan menonton!

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