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Kunjungi Toko
PORTER Magazine Porter Issue 28
Rp 110.000

This is the season of seduction. A time for powerful confidence, from the way we dress to the women we champion. Lupita Nyong'o - PORTER's Fall cover star, in a fierce red Gucci gown - is the epitome of this: navigating her rapid rise from unknown actress to Hollywood's most in-demand star, with intelligence, dignity and strength. We discover exactly what it is that makes her so desirable. Elsewhere, author Vanessa Grigoriadis explores the new rules of modern dating in a post #MeToo world. Kate Moss and photographer Mario Sorrenti talk desire, while one of Moss' closest friends Katy England examines the enduring allure of the iconic supermodel. Arizona Muse shares her fairytale love story. And kick-ass divorce lawyer Laura Wasser - the woman the A-list turn to when it's time to consciously uncouple - explains why retaining power at the end of a relationship is just as important as the outset. In fashion, Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane share their vision to bring the joy of sex back to the runway, allowing women to feel, act and be as fabulous as they look. So, wear what you love: from skin-tight leather, sharp suiting and killer stilettos, to romantic layers of checked tweed, or sparkling diamonds and diaphanous lace. In beauty, it's all about the art of seduction: a fresh take on metallic eyes, luxe lashes and bold lips; makeup bag must-haves; changing your mindset to fire up your libido; plus, why carbs could really be a guilt-free pleasure. And in the spirit of free abandon, we round up the best places to ride off into the sunset - from the remote gaucho frontiers of Patagonia, to the ranches of America and stud lands of Tuscany. - All pricing within the magazine will be in British pounds - This product is non-refundable - Powered by NET-A-PORTER.COM - 276 pages - Published 2018

Kunjungi Toko
Sava Savages: The Wedding
Rp 237.000

A Saturday in May. Paris.It's the eve of the French presidential elections - 'The Election of the Century' say the newspaper headlines - and Chaouch, the nation's first Arab candidate, has victory in his sights. It has been a long campaign, and with his wife Esther and daughter Jasmine by his side, he spends the remaining hours with close advisors in a hotel in Nimes., Much of the dinner table chatter revolves around Jasmine's boyfriend; Fouad Nerrouche, a well-known actor with the same Algerian origins as her father, who has just publicly endorsed Chaouch's candidacy. However shallow it may seem, it's difficult to ignore the influence of celebrity support in this complex and unpredictable race . ., . The same day. Saint-Etienne.The Nerrouche family is frantically preparing for a grand wedding, and Fouad himself is there to help out., But younger cousin Krim - who has recently lost his job - is becoming increasingly agitated, and no one knows why. As the day goes on, it becomes clear that the cousin's problems go far deeper than unemployment. Krim has been stealing from a local gang leader and after being discovered, found himself indebted to his powerful cousin, Nazir - Fouad's brother., Nazir is a very shady figure, and is heavily involved in a dark underworld of crime. Together, their plans will cause Fouad's two very different worlds to meet in a way no one would have dared to imagine. Within a few hours, the threads start to unravel, and the collision between the destiny of a family and the hopes of a country becomes inevitable.With the pacing of a thriller, Louatah melds the tense atmosphere of a family saga with the gripping suspense of a political drama into one breathtaking read.


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Majalah Indonesia

Tergantung kebutuhan Anda, Anda dapat memiliki Majalah Pernikahan, Majalah Fashion dan Majalah Olahraga. Kebanyakan dari Majalah yang digunakan, kini hadir dalam warna Ungu, Putih dan Pink. Diskon hingga 80% untuk produk Majalah dapat ditemukan hanya di iprice! Dua Majalah paling laris di pasaran saat ini adalah Vogue, Magazine, Fashion Custom Casing for Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, Skate And Destroy T-Shirt Pria - White dan Edisi 05-2018 Gairah Membara Film Kita Majalah. Majalah yang paling banyak dicari merupakan produk-produk dari :brand. Daftar harga Majalah dari brand-brand ini biasanya dimulai dari IDR Rp 30.000 hingga IDR Rp 7.996.000.