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Jiboville Long-Sleeve Chiffon Blouse at 276000.00 IDR from YesStyle
Jiboville Long-Sleeve Chiffon Blouse
Rp 276.000 Rp 345.000
Brand from China: Jiboville. Color: Light Gray, Materials: Linen Blend, Size: 28: Waist: 71.1cm, Hips: 90cm, Thigh: 32.2cm, Thigh: 32.2cm, Front Crotch: 23.8cm, Total Length: 103cm 29: Waist: 73.7cm, Hips: 92.4cm, Thigh: 33.2cm, Thigh: 33.2cm, Front Crotch: 24.1cm, Total Length: 103cm 30: Waist: 76.2cm, Hips: 95cm, Thigh: 34.2cm, Thigh: 34.2cm, Front Crotch: 24.4cm, Total Length: 103cm 31: Waist: 78.7cm, Hips: 97.4cm, Thigh: 35.2cm, Thigh: 35.2cm, Front Crotch: 24.7cm, Total Length: 105cm 32: Waist: 81cm, Hips: 99.8cm, Thigh: 36.2cm, Thigh: 36.2cm, Front Crotch: 25cm, Total Length: 105cm 33: Waist: 83.5cm, Hips: 102.4cm, Thigh: 37.2cm, Thigh: 37.2cm, Front Crotch: 25.3cm, Total Length: 105cm 34: Waist: 91.5cm, Hips: 104.8cm, Thigh: 38.2cm, Thigh: 38.2cm, Front Crotch: 25.6cm, Total Length: 107cm 36: Waist: 93.5cm, Hips: 106.2cm, Thigh: 39.2cm, Thigh: 39.2cm, Front Crotch: 25.9cm, Total Length: 107cm 38: Waist: 96.3cm, Hips: 114.5cm, Thigh: 42cm, Thigh: 42cm, Front Crotch: 26.3cm, Total Length: 107cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
Kunjungi Toko
Jiboville Long-Sleeve Wrap Collar T-Shirt at 240000.00 IDR from YesStyle
Jiboville Long-Sleeve Wrap Collar T-Shirt
Rp 240.000 Rp 252.000
Contrast trims and a V-neck wrap collar bring out all the contemporary charm in this long-sleeved T-shirt from Jiboville. The two button accents at the collar give a polished finish. Color: Black, Materials: Cotton, Size: M: Shoulder Width: 45cm, Chest: 96cm, Total Length: 65cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm L: Shoulder Width: 47cm, Chest: 102cm, Total Length: 67cm, Sleeve Length: 62cm XL: Shoulder Width: 49cm, Chest: 108cm, Total Length: 69cm, Sleeve Length: 63cm Xxl: Shoulder Width: 51cm, Chest: 114cm, Total Length: 71cm, Sleeve Length: 64cm Xxxl: Shoulder Width: 53cm, Chest: 120cm, Total Length: 73cm, Sleeve Length: 65cm Xxxxl: Shoulder Width: 55cm, Chest: 128cm, Total Length: 75cm, Sleeve Length: 66cm Xxxxxl: Shoulder Width: 57cm, Chest: 136cm, Total Length: 77cm, Sleeve Length: 66cm, Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
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