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Lipstick Queen Sinner Lipstick Natural
Rp 365.000
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"Have an all-natural look that people will envy with Lipstick Queen's Sinner Lipstick - Natural. This lipstick heightens the natural color of your lips and makes your look enticing to everyone. Wear it at work or during a day out and get compliments you've never received before. This formula gives the word creaminess a whole different meaning and will easily light up your face and mood. This is the ultimate full coverage for your lips with the help of the 90% pigment it contains. It will glide on your lips easily, moisturizing it and providing long-lasting color. You get the glamorous look known in the Golden Years of Hollywood but now with today's comfort and technology. There is no shimmer or shine so your look won't be too overbearing with any outfit. If you prefer a sheer shade then the ""Saint"" formula will fit your needs.A super creamy lipstick shade in a magnified natural lip color made to light up your face and your whole mood.A 90% pigmented lip formula that helps you create full-coverage on the lips with a matte, opaque finish.Leaves lips moisturized and with lasting beautiful color that is easy and comfortable to wear.A glamorous Golden Years of Hollywood look but with today's modern technology and comfort that doesn't have any shimmer or fragrance.The shade is also available in a Saint formula that contains 10% of pigment that provides a sheer tint of color.Net Weight: 0.12oz / 3.5g"