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Harga Sains di Indonesia

Kunjungi Toko
Learning resources Eduufuntoys - PRIMARY SCIENCE - MAGNET SET by
Rp 435.000

Discover the wonders of magnetism through scientific exploration! The Primary Science Magnet Set builds children’s understanding of basic magnetism concepts through dynamic play. Magnify learning as ch ildren engage with science! Children using the Primary Science Magnet Set will: • Explore similarities and differences among magnets • Perform activities that are both engaging and educational • Begin using basicvocabulary, such as attract and repel • Learn about magnetic poles, and use this knowledge in play Get ready for an adventure in magnetism! Suggested Use: • Introduce the Primary Science Magnet Set to children by showing and naming the pieces. Demonstrate how each piece can be used in experiments. (Note: A photo of each piece and its name is shown on the reverse side of this guide.) • Give children time to explore the components of the kit on their own. This will ensure that theyhave a basic understanding of how the pieces interact. • Perform engaging activities with the 10 double -sided activity cards. You may want to do them in order: 1 through 10.The activity cards are easy to follow, fun, and educational. An adult should assist children or oversee the activities. Some extra supplies (from home or school) may be needed to complete the activities. These are listed on the cards. • When clipping the cars onto the bar magnets, the N and S should be facing down. • Wipe pieces clean with a damp cloth. Content: Horseshoe Magnet Magnetic Post Ring Magnet s (4) Bar Magnets (2) Magnetic Bugs (2) Maze Snap-on Cars (2) String Activity Cards (10) Download 6 additional activity cards: https://vidweb.aws.marketlive.com/learningresources_vid/text/pdf/3784MagnetSetWebCards.pdf


Daftar Harga Harga Sains di Indonesia Terbaik 2018

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Gigo Lacing Jumo Beads Mainan Edukasi Rp 234.000 Blibli
Gigo Plastic Beads Mainan Edukasi Rp 260.000 Blibli
Gigo Solar Catamaran Stem Mainan Sains Mainan Edukasi Rp 285.000 Blibli
Gigo Water Power Mini Sains Stem Mainan Anak Rp 298.000 Blibli
Gigo Crossbows Sains Stem Mainan Anak Rp 255.000 Blibli
Gigo Peg Board Set Mainan Edukasi Rp 370.000 Blibli
Gigo Mini Gyro Sains Stem Mainan Anak Rp 319.000 Blibli
Science Diet mature adult 7plus small bites 2kg Rp 170.000 Shopee
Gigo Jungle Fever Educational Toys Mainan Anak Rp 413.000 Blibli
Gigo Plastik Links Mainan Edukasi Rp 115.000 Blibli
-15% Gigo Lacing Jumo Beads Mainan Edukasi

Tersedia di Blibli Rp 275.000 Rp 234.000 Kunjungi Toko

Harga Sains di Indonesia Indonesia

Jelajahi iprice untuk berbagai produk Harga Sains di Indonesia yang ditawarkan dengan diskon hingga 79%. Lacing Jumo Beads Mainan Edukasi, Plastic Beads Mainan Edukasi dan Solar Catamaran Stem Mainan Sains Mainan Edukasi adalah produk-produk Harga Sains di Indonesia yang banyak dicari saat ini. louis will, Science Diet dan Excelvan memiliki koleksi Harga Sains di Indonesia terpopuler yang banyak dicari. Daftar harga Harga Sains di Indonesia bervariasi mulai dari IDR Rp 30.000 hingga IDR Rp 7.693.000. Multicolour dan Cokelat adalah pilihan warna terpopuler untuk kategori Harga Sains di Indonesia.