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Meiriki JP Heart Support Factor 60 pcs at 539000.00 IDR from YesStyle
Meiriki JP Heart Support Factor 60 pcs
Rp 539.000 Rp 1.077.000
Brand from Japan: Meiriki JP. Heart Support Factor contains four active ingredients, including Co-enzyme Q10, Red Rice Yeast, Nattokinase and fish oil, it is a revolutionary product for normalize cardiovascular system It can remove lipid wastes and improve cardiovascular system It also promote blood circulation and maintain a healthy heart Heart Support Factor is the most perfect supplement for the one who concern about lipid and heart health How to Use: Suitable for people who: Have imbalanced diet, lack of exercise and over-weighted Are stressful, alcohol abuse, smoking and staying up late Feel fatigue easily This product is suitable for people concerned about blood liqids/cholesterol How to Use: For General health: Take two softgels daily after meal For people with special need: Take two softgels twice daily after meals Pack Size - 200mg x 60 pcs
Kunjungi Toko
Meiriki JP Maca X Dragon 300mg x 20 pcs at 439000.00 IDR from YesStyle
Meiriki JP Maca X Dragon 300mg x 20 pcs
Rp 439.000 Rp 878.000
Brand from Japan: Meiriki JP. When getting into middle age, it is unavoidable that the body strength became weakened, and many aging problems are emerging. Due to the stressful and high rhythmic lifestyle in the city, people are always suffering from insomnia and lack of rest, which cause poor health. Maca X Dragon consists of natural plant ingredients and rare animal extracts for men to improve the vitality and endurance, and maintain the strength of the body. Meiriki-Maca X Dragon is made in Japan by using the advanced technology. Maca X Dragon is packaged into blister form and placed into aluminum bag to ensure it will not easily be oxidized and damaged by the ultra-violet. Maca X Dragon is tested regularly by a professional laboratory (J.f.r.l.) to ensure its quality and safety, this provides great confidence to the costumers How to Use: In General: As food supplement (Take 1 -2 capsules/ day after food) One time administration (Take 2 capsules each time) For men that do not have energy (Take 2 capsules in the morning) For men that has the lack of desire sexuality interest (Take 2 capsules at night) For men that have hair loss concern (Take 2 capsules in the morning) For men that has a problem on their men glands (Take 2 capsules in the morning) For men that has slow metabolic rate or having a stressful lifestyle (Take 1 capsule in the morning) If you feel like you do not have enough energy during the day take an extra 2 capsules everyday You can adjust dosage according to the need. Pack Size - 300mg x 20 pcs
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