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Monster Sully the Mens Costume
Rp 1.721.000

So you want to be a top-scarer. Well. Then you've got some training to do.You think we're joking? We would never joke about something this critical. Monster's Inc. is in need of some talented scarers in order to keep the lights on in Monstropolis. Only the best will do, so if you want to work there, you better be at the top of your scaring game. And in order to do that? Training is the best.If you're training for the position of Scare-Floor Operative, we'd like to make a few recommendations. You should work on bedroom obstacle courses, creeping practice, maneuvering in the dark, and of course scary noises. You'll need to be able to sneak into a room quietly, scare the pants off a child, and sneak back out all in the matter of seconds. That is no small task.And naturally, it helps if you look scary. It means a bit less effort on the missions when you get to the part where you actually scare the kid. We're talking giant fangs and claws... wait, you don't have claws? Well how about some sharp looking horns or spikes? Nada? Oh dear. Well maybe we can help you out in the look department. For instance, what if you wore this Sully the Monster Costume? It's got a blue polyester jumpsuit that's all furry with purple spots. Best yet? there's a hood with horns, claws on the hands and feet, and a tail with a bunch of purple spikes. This way you don't have to work so hard to achieve optimum scare because your look will do it for you! Now, this is meant to help, but it doesn't excuse you from the rest of training. So get to it!


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