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Organix Baby Biscuit (7 Bulan) at 45000.00 IDR from Tokopedia
Organix Baby Biscuit (7 Bulan)
Rp 45.000
Organix Baby Biscuits 54gr 7month+ Made in Germany NO sugar NO artificial flavours NO sweeteners Flavour: -Banana -Creamy vanilla (SOLD OUT) -Strawberry Your baby is constantly learning and exploring the world around them and food can play a part in that too. That's why we've created a range of Finger Foods for tiny hands and small mouths. They'll help your little one develop good hand eye co-ordination as they play and nibble as well as learning about different shapes, tastes and textures. And, of course, they're delicious too.
Kunjungi Toko
Organix Multigrain Mini Puffs Cereal 90g at 81000.00 IDR from Lazada
Organix Multigrain Mini Puffs Cereal 90g
Rp 81.000 Rp 130.000
Kunjungi Toko
Organix Biscuit at 65000.00 IDR from Tokopedia
Organix Biscuit
Rp 65.000
ORGANIX Biscuit 12 month Made in Germany Flavour : ALPHABET 5x25gr GINGER MAN 5x25gr ANIMAL 100gr NO ADDED SUGAR NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS NO SWEETENERS Organic Biscuits containing wholegrain wheat flour and sweetened with grape juice. Our Organix Biscuits are a tasty treat, but they're by no means naughty! Half of the flour they're made with is wholegrain, so they offer more fibre and vitamins and they contain no nasty additives or sneaky sugar - just the natural sweetness of grape juice. Suitable for vegetarians
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