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led Lampu Sorot 4 Tenaga Surya untuk Outdoor / Taman
#Lawn Light #Solar Lawn Light #Landscape Light #Garden Lamp #Outdoor Landscape Lamp #Solar Spot Light Description: This is an energy-saving and environment-friendly outdoor LED lawn light. Solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts into electrical energy stored in rechargeable battery. When evening comes, the solar fence light will automatically send out light. Features: The solar panel converts sunlight during the day to charge the battery, and it's environment-friendly. Intelligently identify daytime or night. Automatically lights up at dusk and turns off at dawn. Able to glow continuously up to 8-10 hours at night after being fully charged. Constructed from ABS and PS materials, it is durable, with IP65 waterproof rate, can be used for a long time. It's easy to install, no wiring needed. Just spike it into the soil and place the solar panel in the direction with effective sunlight. You can place the light wherever you want in outdoors, such as garden, lawn, pathway or areas where conventional electrical supply is not available. Specifications: Condition: 100% Brand New Material: ABS+PS Light Source: 4LED Power Color Temp Luminous flux Battery Type Solar Panel High Low 0.5W Warm White (3000~3500K) 50lm 20lm 1.2V/1500MAH NI-MH Polycrystalline Silicon White (6500~7000K) 1W Warm White (3000~3500K) 150lm 30~60lm 3.7V #18650/2200MAH Li-ion Polycrystalline Silicon White (6500~7000K) 2W Warm White (3000~3500K) 200lm 80~100lm 3.7V #18650/2200MAH Li-ion Polycrystalline Silicon White (6500~7000K) Operating Duration: 8~10h Charging Duration: 6~8h Function: Photo Control(absorbs sunlight at day and turn on automatically at night) Shell Color: Black Power: 0.5W, 1W, 2W(optional) Light Color: Warm White, White(optional) Switch: Push on Switch with LOW/OFF/HIGH Control Waterproof Grade: IP65 0.5W/1W Lamp Total Size: Approx. 28.5*26.5cm/11.22*10.43in 2W Lamp Total Size: Approx. 33*29cm/12.99*11.42in Weight: Approx. 360~436g Package Included: 1 * LED Solar Lawn Light
Rp 124.000

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