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Black Caviar Facial Ampoule Mask 5 pcs
Rp 351.000

Brand from South Korea: A.h.c. The black mask is made from coconuts that are full of moisture.This product uses a 100% coconut charcoal sheet along with its soft feel and powerful adhesion to efficiently deliver the effective essence to skin. The essence in turn provides skin with rich moisture.Focused elasticity care provided through the Black Caviar Ampoule.The elasticity ampoule contains the rare and valuable Black Caviar ingredient, which is referred to as the Black Diamond . The ampoule works to supply nutrients and infuse vitality into droopy skin, keeping it tight.The oil drop texture helps deliver the ampoule ingredients right to within the skin.The oil of the oil drop texture1) envelops the effective ingredients and maintains its form until the moment it reaches the skin, far more effectively delivering the ampoule ingredients. This fosters a balance of oil and water and presents an ideal double-moisturizing effect with low stickiness.Caviar Extract - Supplies rich nutrients, infusing vitality into skin.Hydrolyzed Collagen - Provides a moisturizing effect to skin, preventing dryness.Black Complex - These help protect skin while keeping it healthy.How to Use:Smooth out your skin texture with the toner after washing.Open up the pouch and stick the mask on so that it fits your face shape.After 10-20 minutes, peel the mask off and lightly dab the remaining ampoule left on your skin to help absorption.


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