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Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml
Rp 333.000 Rp 351.000

Brand from Japan: Naturie. Fully penetrate with refreshing feeling of use. It is excellent in penetration with a sticky feeling that is not sticky, and a lotion that adapts to the skin as it piles up. Mix natural beetle extract (moisturizing ingredients), keep on smooth skin without rough skin. Use generously and effectively hydrate. As large enough to be used everyday, large size 500ml specification. It gives a fresh moisture to your skin with comfortable and effective skin care. Simple prescription that you can use with confidence. Simple prescription not using ingredients unnecessary for moisturizing as much as possible, such as fragrances and coloring agents. Easy to the skin with low irritation, you can use with confidence. How to Use: Basically plenty as a lotion. Because it is fresh and familiar to the skin, use plenty at the beginning of skin care and first hydrate your skin. It is a sign that moisture has suffered enough when the skin gets cool with superimposition or putting. Moisturize further with lotion pack. The hydration supplementation effect is further increased with the lotion pack. Just by packing and packing plenty of this product in cotton and face mask, it will make your skin moist and full of moisture. Moisturize the body easily. It is perfect for skin care of the body because it is refreshing and not sticky. Recommended for after bathing or sunshine, so as to keep hot skin warm. As a pre-make-up water that enhances the effect of overlapping items. Use plenty of skin to make your skin soft and promote penetration of subsequent serums and milky lotions. You can use it effectively as a make-up lotion.


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