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Lengkapi kebutuhan bayi Anda dengan beragam produk bayi dari iprice Indonesia. Klik artikel ini untuk cari tahu informasi selengkapnya.

Inglesina Pushchair Trilogy The Inglesina combines comfort and innovative folding mechanism, and is super easy to use. The lightweight chassis is equipped with ball bearing wheels that enable you to make trips even on rough terrain. The swivel front wheels contribute to the pushchair’s high manoeuvrability – perfect for a stroll through town or the shopping mall. According to your wishes and needs and depending on the surface you are driving your pushchair on, you can easily lock the front wheels. The multiply-adjustable backrest offers maximum comfort for your little one. The large canopy protects him or her from direct sunlight and cold wind. The soft padded sports seat can be adjusted in either a forward or rear facing mode – this way you child can either face you or watch the world around. The spacious and easy to reach shopping basket offers enough space to store all the necessities and niceties needed when traveling with a tiny human. Furthermore, the buggy features a five-point harness and a safety bar that prevents your little one form standing up or dropping out. The Pushchair also comes with a protective wind-proof blanket for baby’s legs and is a real treat for your child especially when it is cold outside. The Inglesina Pushchair Trilogy is equipped with an umbrella locking mechanism which enables you to fold and unfold the pushchair with only one hand. Other items included in delivery are a bottle holder and a rain cover. Product details: * Design-chassis * Ball bearing wheels * Fold and unfold with only one hand * Five-point harness * Lockable swivel front wheels * Reversible seat * Suitable up to 15 kg * Removable cover, washable at 30°C * Size open: 56,5 x 107 x 83 cm * Size folded: 36,5 x 97 x 48 cm * Weight: 9,5 kg * Aluminium chassis Selengkapnya
Britax Römer First Class Plus Trendline A child seat combining the benefits of an infant carrier and a car seat that grows with your child. It combines a rearward facing seat (birth to 13kg) and a forward facing seat (9kg - 18kg). The First Class Plus is a safe and comfortable car seat for babies weighing up to 18 kg. It´s equipped with side impact protection, pitch control to reduce forward movement in accidents, and has a cosy, 100 % cotton insert with built-in-head support for babies. Your child is secured by the integral 5-point harness and the seat is installes using the vehicle´s 3-point seat belt. The seat should be used in a rearward facing position as long as possible – until your child weighs 13 kg and can sit up unaided with confidence. Group/ Weight class: * Group 0+/1 * for children from birth up to 18 kg (from birth to approx. 4 years) Conforms to: * ECE R44/04 Features Britax Römer First Class Plus: * Rearward facing installation from birth to 13 kg * Forward facing installation from 9 kg to 18 kg * Deep, softly-padded side wings provide Side Impact Protection * "Click & Safe" audible harness system is designed to aid you when securing your child in the seat * Height-adjustable 5-point safety harness * Performance chest pads reduce your child´s forward movement in the event of an imapct * Pitch Control system reduces your child´s forward movement in the event of an impact * Multiple recline positions adjusts without disturbing your child * Extenden recline position and newborn insert create a more natural sleeping position when rearward facing * Spring-loaded belt locking mechanismus ensures correct and easy installation * Slim base for a better fit in cars with sculpted seats * 2 seat belt routing options in forward facing mode, ideal for cars with shorter seat belts * Harness retainers make it easy to get your child in and out oft he seat * Quick-remove cover without interfering with the harness * Softly padded cover can be removed for washing * Belly Pad for your chil´s comfort * Lightweight for easy transfer between cars * Installation with 3-point seat belt Trendline: The Trend Line with her trendy colors has easy cleaning und soft covers. The covers are removeable and washable. Selengkapnya
Britax B-Agile 3-wheel Simple, light and multifunctional – the Britax B-Agile 3 is the right choice with its three puncture-proof wheels! It is equipped with the 5-point harness with height-adjustable shoulder straps. The easy one-hand-folding mechanism including the automatic folding lock is perfect for travelling. The quickly removable wheels will provide a compact folding measure. The several adjustable back rest is also suitable for newborns thanks to the flat lying position. The light aluminium frame and the integrated front suspension will provide the perfect travelling comfort. A big bag in the canopy top, the spacious string bag as well as the play bar will make this stroller a loyal companion for you and your child. With the removable Click & Go adapter, the B-Agile is compatible with all infant carriers by Britax-Römer and all carrycot attachments by Britax. (can be bought separately) Product details: * 3-wheel version * 5-point harness with height-adjustable shoulder straps * easy one-hand folding mechanism including automatic lock * back rest can be adjusted several times with flat lying position for newborns * light aluminium frame * front wheel suspension * swiveling front wheels – lockable * removable wheels * puncture-proof wheels * grab bar – softly padded and comfortable * canopy top with mesh insert * generous string net * play bar * removable seat cushion * weight: 7,8kg * measurements: H100 x W58 x D90 cm, folded: H30 x W58 x D71cm * can be combined with all infant carriers by Britax Römer (hint: infant carrier is not included – can be bought separately) * can be combined with the carrycot attachment by Britax (hint: carrycot attachment is not included – can be bought separately) Selengkapnya
Britax Römer car seat Evolva 1-2-3 Plus This seat can be used for children aged 9 months to 12 years. The car seat Britax Römer Evolva 1-2-3 Plus grows along with your child and offers a period of use of 11 years. Group/weight class * group I, II and III / suitable for children with a weight of 9-36kg * can be used from 9 months to 12 years Corresponds to: * ECE R44/04 With a weight of 9 to 18 kg, you need to belt your little one with the 5-point harness. The belting system has an audible Click and Safe Security System. The acoustical belting aid clicks as soon as a proper tension is reached. Thus you can be sure that your little one is belted properly. The 5-point harness system is provided with a central belt extension for adjusting. Further the shoulder belts have special pads. Those reduce the forward displacement and loads when having an accident. You will be able to put your child without any trouble in the seat and take it out the exact same way. The Britax Römer car seat Evolva 1-2-3 Plus needs to be strapped with the 3-point belt. Once your child weighs 15kg, you can remove the belting system and your child is belted with a 3-point harness. The performance chest pads reduce your child´s forward movement in the event of an impact. The height-adjustable headrest and harness with easy single-handed adjustment prevents rethread errors. The harness retainers make it easy to get your child in and out of the seat. The belly pad is for your child´s comfort. The seat belt guides correctly position the 3-point seat belt over your child´s shoulder and pelvis. The height-adjustable headrest and belt guide adjust position of seat belt over your child´s shoulder. The car seat has pull-out drink holder and snack tray. The cover can quickly be removed without interfering with the harness. The softly padded cover can be removed for washing. The car seat will be attached with the 3-point seat belt. Product details: * installation with 3-point belt * 5-point harness with central belt extension * audible Click & Safe Security System * height-adjustable head rest and shoulder straps can be adjusted with one hand * lock padding, special shoulder padding, shoulder hangers * height-adjustable head rest and belt guide * deeply, softly padded side walls * adjustable seat positions * extendible drink and snack holder * quickly removable cover, soft and washable * weight: 7,7kg * measurements: H 61-72cm x W 50 cm x D 52 cm Selengkapnya
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Produk Bayi Pilihan Untuk Anak Anda dari iprice Indonesia

Memiliki si kecil merupakan anugerah yang tidak ternilai harganya. Tidak heran banyak orang tua yang bersemangat untuk memenuhi semua kebutuhan buah hatinya. Jangan sampai salah memilih produk bayi yang sembarangan dan tidak terjamin kualitasnya. Anda harus memiliki produk bayi dengan kualitas terjamin, yang tersedia di iprice Indonesia.

Berbagai Jenis Produk Bayi di iprice Indonesia

Sama halnya seperti orang dewasa, bayi juga memiliki kebutuhan khusus yang harus dipenuhi. Mulai dari stroller atau kereta bayi, peralatan makan, popok, tempat tidur bayi dan banyak produk bayi lainnya dapat Anda temukan di iprice Indonesia. Agar lebih jelas, berikut ini kami paparkan secara detail beberapa produk bayi yang ada di iprice Indonesia.

  • Stroller atau kereta bayi: Produk bayi yang satu ini merupakan produk yang penting untuk dimiliki. Kereta bayi memiliki banyak fungsi yang bermanfaat bayi orang tua juga si bayi. Orang tua yang akan melakukan perjalanan jauh bersama anaknya tidak perlu repot menggendong, dan bayi pun dapat tidur dengan lebih nyaman di kereta bayi. Selain itu, kereta dorong juga dapat menyimpan perlengkapan bayi lainnya sehingga lebih efisien.
  • Peralatan makan: Secara umumnya peralatan makan bayi hampir sama dengan peralatan makan orang dewasa. Hanya saja sebagai orang tua Anda harus lebih berhati-hati dalam memilih produk bayi tersebut. Usahakan semua peralatan makan anak Anda bebas BPA dan zat kimia berbahaya lainnya.

  • Popok: Produk bayi yang satu ini rasanya masuk dalam daftar wajib produk bayi yang harus dimiliki oleh para orang tua. Khususnya bagi mereka, yang mempunyai anak berusia 0-2 tahun. terdapat dua jenis popok, yang pertama adalah popok jenis kain yang dapat dicuci dan digunakan berkali-kali. Yang kedua adalah popok sekali pakai, yang banyak tersedia di supermarket.
  • Tempat tidur bayi: Meskipun beberapa orang tua ingin anaknya tidur satu tempat tidur bersama mereka, namun banyak juga orang tua yang membelikan tempat tidur khas untuk anaknya. Tempat tidur bayi biasanya memiliki pembatas di setiap sisinya dan kelambu pada bagian atasnya, yang berfungsi untuk keamanan serta kenyamanan si bayi.

Produk Bayi Terpopuler di iprice Indonesia

Beberapa produk bayi yang terpopuler dan menjadi banyak pilihan konsumen iprice Indonesia adalah:

  1. Babyelle – Stroller S 705 Zoom Kereta Bayi
  2. Pigeon – Baby Food Maker

Produk baru dari brand Babyelle dengan seri S-705 Zoom ini dibuat untuk menjawab kebutuhan banyak keluarga muda, dimana diperlukan kereta yang kompak, praktis, ringan, mudah dibawa dan dioperasikan. Kereta bayi ini cocok digunakan untuk berjalan-jalan bayi yang berusia 0-3 tahun. produk ini dilengkapi juga dengan tas yang dapat menampung banyak kebutuhan bayi di dalamnya. Rangka aluminium yang dibalut dengan kain berkualitas akan membuat bayi Anda selalu nyaman dan betah berlama-lama. kereta bayi ini juga dilengkapi 5 titik sabuk pengaman untuk menjamin keamanan bayi Anda.

Selanjutnya adalah Baby Food Maker dari Pigeon. Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker sangat berguna mendukung pembuatan MPASI (Makanan Pendamping Air Susu Ibu). Satu set perlengkapan pembuat makanan bayi ini terbuat dari bahan berkualitas yang aman, tahan panas ketika proses sterilisasi, awet, dan mudah dibersihkan. Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker akan sangat membantu Bunda untuk menyiapkan MPASI si kecil.Bunda senang bayi pun riang. Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker terbuat dari material plastik bahan PP (no 5) dan berwarna putih sehingga mudah terlihat jika ada kotoran, namun dapat disterilkan. Peralatan ini awet, tidak mudah rusak sehingga bisa digunakan untuk si adik. Terdiri dari material kawat yang kuat dan tidak berkarat, dan mudah dibersihkan menggunakan sikat gigi. Banyak produk bayi lainnya seperti dot juga pakaian yang dapat diperoleh di iprice Indonesia.

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