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Berbagai kereta dorong ada di iprice Indonesia! Artikel ini memberikan informasi selanjutnya.

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Inglesina Zippy Light Stroller
Rp 5.396.000
3 toko
Inglesina Buggy Zippy Light In order to make your everyday life with your little one a bit easier the lightweight Inglesina Buggy Zippy Light has been designed with a patented fold/ unfold mechanism – this way you always have a hand free for your tiny bundle of joy. This trendy buggy is suitable for children at the age of 6 months on. When combined with the New-Born Set Sweet Puppy (sold separately) you can even use it right from birth. The Zippy Light is a particularly slender buggy and only 49 cm wide. Thus, it is extremely light and easy to manoeuvre through town. Swivel front wheels that rotate 360° as well as a full-length push bar contribute to the buggy’s manoeuvrability and thus save your day when traveling by public transport or driving through narrow passageways. If you drive on rough surfaces, you can easily lock the front wheels for better stability. All-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride. Riding in the colourful Inglesina Buggy Zippy your little bundle of joy is provided with maximum comfort. Of course, the seat is super spacious and well-padded. The backrest can be adjusted to a full recline position and also the footrest is adjustable in order to make your little one feel cosy and cuddled up when he or she wishes to take a nap. A height-adjustable five-point harness protects your child properly. Furthermore, the Zippy Light comes with a huge canopy with SPF 50+ that provides full shade and optimum protection against direct sunlight. A super practical ventilation panel made of breathable mesh material lets you have an eye on your child and supplies him or her with a cool breeze on a hot day. A practical bottle holder, a large shopping basket as well as a rain cover come with this colourful buggy. Details: * Available in various designs * Suitable from approx. 6 months on * When combined with the New-Born Set Sweet Puppy (sold separately!) suitable right from birth * One-hand fold/ unfold mechanism, free standing * Suspension in all four wheels, ball bearing wheels, lockable swivel front wheels * Sun protection SPF 50+, ventilation panel integrated in canopy * Adjustable backrest and footrest * Incl. rain cover, bottle holder, shopping basket * Cover: detachable, washable as directed * Size open: H 101,5 x W 49 cm; size folded: H 96 x W 32 cm * Weight: 6,9 kg * Made in Italy Selengkapnya
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Inglesina Otutto Deluxe
Rp 16.982.000
1 toko
Inglesina Trilogy Plus Otutto Deluxe System The Inglesina Trilogy Plus Otutto Deluxe System is an absolute must-have set which accompanies you and your little sunshine from birth up to toddlerhood. This fabulous carefree package comes with a pushchair, a carrycot, an infant car seat, a practical stand as well as a blanket for baby’s legs – the perfect equipment for being out and about with your child. The Trilogy Plus features one of the biggest carrycots (internal dimensions: 76 x 37 cm) on the market so that your little one can stretch out and feel super comfortable wherever you go. The hard carrycot can be attached to the chassis with only one click – thus, a full-size pram is created in no time at all. The large canopy as well as the windproof blanket protect your child from direct sunlight and cold wind. The carrycot comes with an adjustable backrest and adjustable ventilation slots on the bottom side. The soft and cuddly padding as well as the welcome pad that has been developed in collaboration with midwives make this cosy carrycot complete. The welcome pad is a particularly comfortable, high-quality mattress. Just like in mom’s belly, your child can bend her legs and lie in a healthy supine position. The flexible support roll can be adapted easily to your little one’s growth. Furthermore, the welcome pad comes with ventilation ducts and a 3D mesh cover which supplies your child with the best foundation for a healthy and safe sleep. The trendy chassis of the Trilogy Plus comes with soft wheels with ball bearing, chrome-plated rims and chassis. The swivel front wheels turn the multi-functional pram into a flexible companion which is easy to manoeuvre. If required, you can also lock the swivel front wheels the gain more stability on uneven surfaces. The spacious sport seat supplies your child with maximum comfort. The reversible seat unit enables your child to face you or else watch the world around. The backrest can be adjusted in three different levels and thus guarantees perfect seating and lying comfort – this way, your child can have a little nap in between times wherever you go. Optimum safety is provided by the five-point harness and well as a safety bar which can be removed any time so that your child can get in and off the seat easily. A blanket for your little one’s legs comes in super handy when it’s cold outside. A spacious shopping basket offers enough space to store all of baby’s essentials. The large canopy protects your little one from direct sunlight. The Inglesina infant car seat is perfect for supplying your child with a safe ride in your car. It is suitable for children from birth up to approx. 13 kg and guarantees maximum safety and comfort. The infant car seat can be attached to your car by using the Inglesina Isofix Base (not included in delivery) or your car’s own seat belt. The infant car seat is to be attached in a... Selengkapnya
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Inglesina Classica Stroller
Rp 18.637.000
5 toko
Inglesina Stroller Classica – Collection “Blue Label” Everyone will keep this stroller in mind – the Inglesina Classica is a dream come true for all parents who like it chic, elegant and unique! Just like a royal family arisen from a fairy tale you will walk proudly through town and catch everybody’s eye. Riding in this one-of-a-kind handmade stroller made of high-quality materials and designed and produced in Italy, your little prince or princess will feel both cosy and safe wherever you go. The spacious carrycot with quilted inner lining keeps your little one safe and makes him or her feel well-protected on long walks. Due to the 1-fold adjustable backrest your little one can explore the world from within the stroller. The protective blanket protects your child against cold wind, while the closed organza curtain keeps away mosquitoes and curious strangers trying to take a look at your little one. The foldable canopy provides SFP 50+. Elegant embroidery as well as the chromed coating emphasise the Classica’s glamorous look. The textile fabrics of the carrycot can be removed and washed as directed. The carrycot’s weight capacity is 9 kg maximum. The classical Balestrino chassis with four large rubber wheels (the two rear wheels are bigger than the front wheels), as well as the chromed shopping basket add an elegant look to the Classica while reminding you of the olden days. A soft suspension on all wheels guarantees a smooth ride and lulls your little one to sleep while driving. The Classica is also equipped with a central parking brake and a leather coated push bar. Another item included is the changing bag that matches the colour of the Classica perfectly and can easily be attached to both mounting devices on the push bar. The bag comes with a practical changing mat and provides plenty of room for all baby essentials. When combined with the stroller seat and the Infant Car Seat Huggy (both not included in delivery!) you can turn the Classica into a travel system that accompanies you and your child for many years. The adapters included in delivery ensure easy switching between the different settings. Make your dream of this classic stroller come true – the Classica is as unique and special as you and your child! Details: * Available in various designs * Items delivered: chassis, carrycot, changing bag and adapters * With carrycot suitable from birth up to max. 9 kg * When combined with stroller seat (not included in delivery!) suitable up to approx. 4 years * 1-fold adjustable backrest, protective organza curtain and embroidery (all textile fabrics can be detached and washed as directed) * Foldable canopy with chrome elements and SPF 50+ * Protective blanket with wind-proof function * All-wheel suspension * Spacious, chromed shopping basket * Parking brake, leather coated push bar * Practical travel system with stroller seat and Infant Car Seat Huggy (not included... Selengkapnya
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Inglesina Trilogy City System Stroller
Rp 15.161.000
1 toko
Inglesina Trilogy City System Quattro Now the Trilogy City is even more practical than before – its slender chassis that features a width of only 50 cm turns this trendy chap into an indispensable companion for the urban jungle. The Trilogy City masters even narrow lifts without losing any of its comfort. The Inglesina Trilogy City System accompanies your child right from birth up into toddlerhood. The 4-part set contains a pushchair seat, a carrycot, the group 0+ infant car seat Huggy and a practical stand. The Trilogy City features one of the biggest carrycots (internal dimensions: 76 x 37 cm) on the market so that your little one can stretch out and feel super comfortable wherever you go. The hard carrycot can be attached to the chassis with only one click – thus, a full-size pram is created in no time at all. The large canopy as well as the windproof blanket protect your child from direct sunlight and cold wind. The carrycot comes with an adjustable backrest and adjustable ventilation slots on the bottom side. The soft and cuddly padding as well as the welcome pad that has been developed in collaboration with midwives make this cosy carrycot complete. The welcome pad is a particularly comfortable, high-quality mattress. Just like in mom’s belly, your child can bend her legs and lie in a healthy supine position. The flexible support roll can be adapted easily to your little one’s growth. Furthermore, the welcome pad comes with ventilation ducts and a 3D mesh cover which supplies your child with the best foundation for a healthy and safe sleep. The light aluminium chassis of the Trilogy City combines maximum comfort with an easy folding mechanism that helps you fold the Trilogy City with only one hand into a compact and space-saving size. All wheels have ball bearing which provide a smooth run and high driving quality. Swivel front wheels that can be locked if necessary, contribute to the prams easy manoeuvrability – this way, you are ready for trips even on irregular surfaces. The soft padded seat can be used in either a forward facing or rear facing mode. This way, your child can face mom and dad or else watch and explore the world around. For a little nap in between, you can easily adjust the backrest in multiple ways until it reaches a recline position. The large canopy protects your child from direct sunlight while a viewing panel integrated in the canopy lets you keep an eye on her wherever you go. A five-point harness as well as a safety bar protect your child and prevent her from standing up or dropping out. The safety bar can also be removed or opened to the side so that putting your child into the seat and lifting her out again is done without much effort. The infant car seat Huggy is perfect for supplying your child with both a safe and comfortable ride in your car. It is suitable for children from birth up to approx. 13 kg and guarantees maximum safety and comfort. The infant car ... Selengkapnya
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Inglesina Quad Stroller
Rp 9.534.000
1 toko
Inglesina Pushchair Quad The Inglesina Pushchair Quad combines innovative design, resilience and ease. This premium pushchair definitely adds some oomph to your performance. The elaborate design ensures both perfect road holding and high manoeuvrability. Large ball bearing wheels provide a smooth ride as well as easy handling. Due to the swivel front wheels you can even manoeuvre the pushchair through narrow passageways – perfect for a shopping trip or a stroll through town. Depending on the surface you are driving on you can easily lock the front wheels to gain more stability, while the large sprung rear wheels level out irregularities. The extra spacious sports seat comes with a high backrest that offers your little one maximum seating and lying comfort. If your child wishes to rest or take a nap you can adjust the backrest in four different positions. The full-length push bar makes it super easy for you to steer the pushchair even with only one hand. Furthermore, the chassis of the Inglesina Quad is equipped with a patented locking mechanism that allows you to open and close it easily and single-handedly – this way, you always have a hand free for your little one. The pushchair’s seat can be attached to the chassis in either a forward facing or rear facing mode, thus, your child can face mom and dad or explore the world around. A padded five-point harness protects your tiny human from standing up or falling out of the pushchair. The 2-fold adjustable footrest adds some more comfort to baby’s rides. The large canopy protects your child against direct sunlight and wind. A wind-proof blanket, included in delivery, keeps your little one warm on cold days. The large shopping basket offers enough space to store small purchases or baby’s travel essentials. Both, the covers and the sun canopy are detachable and can be machine washed at 30°C. A cup holder is an included item of delivery. Details: * Design-chassis * Ball bearing wheels * Rear wheel suspension * Suitable from 6 months up to 15 kg * Seat can be used in forward facing or rear facing mode * Height adjustable push bar * 4-fold adjustable backrest * 2-fold adjustable footrest * Patented locking mechanism for easy opening and closing with only one hand * Swivel front wheels * Detachable covers and canopy, both washable at 30°C * Five-point harness * Shopping basket * Incl. windproof blanket * Incl. cup holder Selengkapnya

Daftar Harga Kereta Dorong Terbaik 2018

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Termurah di Tokopedia Official Store Rp 890.000 Kunjungi Toko

Anda ingin memanjakan si kecil kesayangan Anda di saat sedang bepergian dan pada saat yang sama juga memanjakan diri Anda sendiri? Dengan kegiatan yang serba padat, semua ibu pasti memprioritaskan kepraktisan dan menginginkan fasilitas mudah untuk mengasuh anak di tengah kesibukan. Kereta dorong bisa menjadi jawaban yang tepat. Kereta dorong dapat menjadi penyelamat sang ibu di saat bepergian dengan si kecil. Dengan bentuk yang praktis dan fungsi yang amat membantu, kereta dorong adalah sahabat terdekat Anda di kala Anda membutuhkan nya.

Kereta dorong di iprice Indonesia - Antara kebutuhan atau gaya hidup

Setiap orang tua pasti memiliki keinginan untuk memberikan apapun yang bisa membuat si buah hati kesayangannya merasa lebih nyaman. Baik itu dari segi sandang, pangan, papan ataupun materi lain yang bermanfaat untuk anaknya yang masih tumbuh besar. Stroller atau juga dikenali sebagai kereta dorong mungkin merupakan salah satu benda yang masuk dalam daftar kebutuhan untuk anak tersayang.

Kereta dorong kini telah dikenal secara luas. Dengan berbagai fitur yang ditawarkan, manfaat dan kepraktisan nya membuat kereta dorong sangat disukai oleh para orang tua. Sedikit banyak, keberadaan kereta dorong bukan lagi hanya karena kebutuhan, melainkan juga sudah merambah menjadi gaya hidup bagi sejumlah orang tua muda terutamanya yang tinggal di kota-kota besar.

Tidak wajib untuk dimiliki, tapi dengan adanya perlengkapan ini, banyak manfaat yang didapat baik untuk ibu maupun anak itu sendiri. Dengan menggendong, tentu akan membuat ikatan batin antara ibu dan anak akan semakin dekat, namun jika Anda menggendong terlalu lama, tentu Anda akan merasa pegal, apalagi jika harus menggendong sembari bepergian. Si kecil Anda pun akan merasakan hal yang sama, digendong terlalu lama akan membuat mereka merasa lelah dan bosan.

Meletakkan si buah hati di kereta dorong ketika berjalan-jalan di taman atau di mall pasti akan memberikan banyak kemudahan bagi Anda. Selain tidak perlu kesulitan untuk selalu menggendong, perjalanan juga akan lebih santai dan menyenangkan. Bahkan di saat si kecil mengantuk pun, ia bisa dengan nyamannya tertidur pulas di bantalan kereta dorong tanpa harus menjadi cerewet dan menangis. Selain dari itu, dengan berbagai kemudahan yang diberikan, apapun aktifitas orang tua, si buah hati tetap dapat berada di dekatnya.

Dengan itu, Anda lah yang dapat menentukan apakah memiliki kereta dorong merupakan sebuah kebutuhan untuk Anda atau hanya sekedar gaya hidup?

Cermati pilihan Anda dengan Kereta dorong di iprice Indonesia demi kenyamanan si kecil

Dengan berbagai kemudahan yang ditawarkan, maka berbagai model kereta dorong pun diluncurkan. Sejumlah model kereta dorong ini semuanya disesuaikan dengan berbagai kebutuhan yang berbeda. Masing-masing model pun akan menawarkan sejumlah kemudahan yang cukup berbeda. Cukup membingungkan kan untuk memilih model kereta dorong mana yang harus dibeli? Maka dari itu, amat disarankan jika para orang tua memahami model-model kereta dorong ini agar dapat membeli yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan mendapatkan kemudahan yang diinginkan. Selain dari itu, untuk menentukan kereta dorong yang tepat juga harus disesuaikan dengan beberapa aspek. Misalnya, kondisi bayi / anak, kondisi kita sendiri yang akan mendorong dan juga perkiraan kondisi jalanan yang relatif sering dilalui.

Berikut penjelasan beberapa jenis kereta dorong, salah satunya mungkin cocok dengan kebutuhan Anda.

  1. Conventional stroller
    Jenis ini terdiri dari berbagai macam bobot dan ukuran, mulai dari yang besar, berat, standar, sampai kereta dorong ringan yang paling populer dengan bingkai aluminium yang ringan. Kereta dorong konvensional ini dilengkapi dengan kursi malas, kanopi, tray penyimpan barang untuk anak dan orang tua, mudah dilipat dan masih banyak lagi kemudahan lainnya.

  2. Umbrella stroller
    Jenis ini adalah yang bobot nya paling ringan, biasanya kurang dari 12 lbs. Jenis ini juga yang paling standar karena jarang memiliki kursi malas ataupun kemudahan lainnya. Yang menjadi keunggulan jenis ini adalah ukurannya yang kecil sehingga mudah untuk diarahkan dan mudah disimpan. Harganya juga yang paling murah. Biasanya jenis ini digunakan untuk anak yang sudah bisa duduk sendiri, seperti bayi usia 6 bulan ke atas.

  3. Travel system stroller
    Jenis yang ini merupakan gabungan antara kereta dorong dan kursi mobil. Dengan dwifungsi yang ditawarkan, jenis ini lebih nyaman bagi orang tua yang ingin membeli satu kereta dorong saja. Kereta dorong travel system ini cocok untuk menjadi kursi mobil & keranjang, atau kursi yang dapat digunakan dengan sendirinya, atau juga hanya difungsikan sebagai kereta dorong saja. Harga yang ditawarkan cenderung mahal karena biasanya mencakup sejumlah fitur-fitur high-end.

  4. Modular / Multi-Component stroller
    Kereta dorong jenis ini masih relatif baru di pasaran. Karena jenis ini lebih membidik pasar kelas atas, yaitu dengan menawarkan sebuah kereta dorong yang paling fleksibel. Contohnya seperti kursi yang bisa diubah-ubah, kursi yang bisa diatur untuk menghadap ke depan atau ke belakang, serta banyak lagi pilihan lainnya. Komponen-komponennya dijual secara terpisah, bisa Anda tambah atau kurangkan, sehingga Anda dapat membelinya sesuai dengan kebutuhan.

  5. Activity stroller
    Yang termasuk dalam kategori ini misalnya jogging stroller dan all-terrain stroller. Sekilas, kereta dorong jenis ini terlihat sama karena hanya memiliki tiga roda, namun sebenarnya kategori ini digunakan untuk tujuan yang berbeda. Pada dasarnya kereta dorong jenis ini dibuat lebih kokoh untuk memberikan kontrol yang lebih besar agar lebih tahan banting untuk digunakan di berbagai aktifitas luar ruangan seperti joging atau berjalan di medan yang relatif kasar.

  6. Double stroller
    Kereta dorong ganda ini ada yang berbentuk berdampingan atau juga depan belakang. Model yang berdampingan lebih cocok bagi bayi / anak dengan berat badan yang sama namun ukurannya relatif lebar sehingga sulit untuk keluar masuk pintu. Sedangkan model depan belakang memang lebih ramping namun sedikit sulit untuk dikemudikan dikarenakan bentuknya yang memanjang. Selain itu, jenis ini agak sulit untuk didapat dan harganya pun relatif mahal.

Kereta Dorong di iprice Indonesia - Pertimbangan utama sebelum menentukan

Orang tua yang bijak akan berbelanja dengan lebih cermat. Karena itu, demi kenyamanan Anda maupun si anak, selain memerhatikan model kereta dorong yang berbeda, perhatikan juga tips memilih kereta dorong yang tepat. Beberapa tips yang dapat membantu Anda seperti berikut:-

  • Prioritaskan keamanan
  • Dapatkan informasi produk selengkap mungkin
  • Coba dulu sebelum membeli
  • Perhatikan panjang, lebar dan tinggi kereta dorong
  • Hindari membeli kereta dorong yang banyak material plastiknya
  • Jangka waktu penggunaan kereta dorong
  • Pastikan ketersediaan tempat penyimpanan di rumah Anda

Pada dasarnya, kereta dorong yang baik seharusnya tidak hanya nyaman untuk bayi tetapi juga untuk orang yang mendorongnya.

Manfaat kereta dorong di iprice Indonesia

Baik itu menjadi kebutuhan maupun sebagai gaya hidup, kereta dorong mampu memberikan manfaat yang relatif menguntungkan bagi para orang tua. Berikut adalah beberapa manfaat yang bisa Anda dapatkan:

  • Memudahkan orang tua
  • Menenangkan bayi
  • Keselamatan
  • Membawa barang keperluan bayi

Berapa banyak yang harus Anda keluarkan?

Bagi sejumlah orang tua, memiliki kereta dorong termasuk dalam kategori kebutuhan mewah, karena itu mereka lebih memilih untuk tidak memilikinya. Namun bagi sebagian orang lainnya, memiliki kereta dorong adalah kebutuhan yang harus dipenuhi memandangkan berbagai manfaat yang didapat.

Bergantung dari kebutuhan dan anggaran masing-masing, tentu saja menentukan apakah kereta dorong adalah kebutuhan mewah atau tidak tentulah sedikit rumit. Namun, apapun alasan dan pendapat para orang tua, harga kereta dorong yang ditawarkan termasuk standar. Semua itu bergantung kepada brand, kualitas dan berbagai kemudahan yang ditawarkan. Semakin beragam fitur dan kemudahan yang Anda inginkan, maka semakin mahal lah harganya.

Untuk kereta dorong standar yang hanya berfungsi sebagai kereta dorong tanpa menawarkan banyak fitur tambahan, harga yang ditawarkan berkisar antara Rp 500ribu - 2juta. Sedangkan untuk kereta dorong yang lebih canggih yang biasanya memiliki banyak kemudahan dan fitur tambahan akan berkisar antara Rp 5 - 17juta atau bahkan lebih.

Produk terjangkau dengan berbagai kemudahan

Dengan banyaknya kemudahan yang Anda dapatkan, pastinya Anda juga berharap untuk mendapatkan kemudahan dalam membelinya. iprice Indonesia mampu memberikan kemudahan itu untuk Anda. Anda hanya perlu mengunjungi situs nya dan bebas memilih produk yang Anda inginkan sepuasnya. Setelah Anda menentukan apa yang Anda inginkan, Anda hanya perlu membayarnya dan menunggu di rumah hingga produk Anda sampai di rumah Anda. Ayo buruan cek situs nya sekarang dan belanja sepuasnya!