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Daftar Harga Headphone On-Ear Philips Murah Terbaru Agustus 2018

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Philips wireless infrared headphone shc2000 / shc 2000 - hitam
Rp 625.000
Tokopedia Official

wireless infrared rechargeable headphone up to 7 m daya tahan baterai hingga 15 jam over ear 32mm philips shc2000 desain simple yang meningkatkan kenyamanan untuk penggunaan jangka panjang. dapat tahan lama, kualitas bahan berkualitas dari headphone philips ini meningkatkan kenyamanan untuk diperpanjang memakainya sepanjang hari. headband yang cukup nyaman ketika digunakan, ikat kepala bagian dalam headphone philips ini memudahkan untuk digunkan pada kepala anda. dengan transmisi nirkabel ir memungkinkan anda untuk bebas dari kerepotan kabel dan akan memudahkan anda untuk mendengarkan suara tanpa gangguan apapun dengan menggunakan headphone ini. penggunaan nyaman & ultra ringan philips shc2000 wireless hi-fi headphone hadir dengan warna hitam yang menarik serta desain yang kokoh dan ergonomis. ukuran headbandnya dapat diatur sesuai dengan keinginan anda. bantalannya yang sangat lembut, empuk dan nyaman untuk penggunaan dalam waktu yang lama. headphone dengan tipe over-ear ini sangat ringan sehingga mudah dibawa kemanapun anda bepergian. nirkabel headphone ini tidak menggunakan kabel untuk menghubungkan ke pemutar musik anda, sehingga dapat memungkinkan anda untuk bergerak bebas tanpa harus repot dengan kabel-kabel. headphone ini juga menggunakan modulasi frekuensi yang sangat tinggi sehingga dapat memastikan penerimaan yang jelas dan tajam. rincian teknis philips shc2000 wireless hi-fi headphone memiliki rincian teknis: respon frekuensi sebesar 2.3 mhz (l) - 2.8 mhz (r), speaker diameter: 32 mm dan sensitivity 108 db. isi dalam kemasan philips wireless infrared shc2000 transmitter wall adaptor garansi 24 bulan resmi philips indonesia

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Philips Fidelio X1 Over-the-Ear Headphone
Rp 5.205.000

Immerse yourself in a high-fidelity, comfortable listening experience with the Fidelio X1 Headphones from Philips. Featuring powerful 50-millimeter drivers and open-back architecture, the Fidelio X1 is designed to provide natural sound that is detailed and precise. And with premium memory foam, velvet-wrapped earpads and a self-adjustable air hammock that provides a perfect fit, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite music for hours in comfort. Open-Back Architecture for Smooth, Pristine Audio Philips designed the Fidelio X1 Headphones with an acoustic open-back architecture that eliminates air pressure buildup behind the driver so the diaphragm can move freely for a more transparent and smooth sound. The X1 also uses 50-millimeter neodymium drivers that have been tuned and tested to provide dynamic sound reproduction, from balanced, crisp bass to pristine highs. Tilted Ear Shells Provide Immersive Sound The double-layered ear shells reduce resonance and dampen vibrations. They tilt at a 15-degree angle so audio is directly channeled into your ears for a dynamic and immersive listening experience. Breathable Ear Pads and Memory Foam for Comfort Philips chose high-quality materials to craft a design that stays comfortable during long listening sessions. Memory foam earpads are covered with a highly breathable velour material, keeping your ears cool and comfortable. The headphones provide a secure fit that doesn't pinch thanks to a self-adjustable lightweight hammock that uses an airy 3D mesh for breathability. High-Quality Construction for Durability The X1 is constructed of natural, high quality materials, beginning with lustrous aluminum components that give the headphones a substantive, elegant look and feel. The genuine calf leather headband provides style in addition to quality, and a detachable, 3-meter, oxygen-free cable ensures a high-quality signal. The X1 comes with a dedicated cable management clip to keep your cable tangle free. A 6.3-to-3.5-millimeter adapter plug is included so you can use the headphones with both your home stereo device as well as with portable devices such as iPods and iPhones that use a stereo miniplug. About Philips With a proud history in technology, including the invention of the compact audio tape cassette and the CD, Philips is committed to understanding and meeting the needs and desires of consumers. With over 50,000 registered patents, Philips is a global leader in innovation, receiving numerous international design and acoustics awards every year.

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Philips Shd8600Ug Wireless Over-the-Ear TV Headphone
Rp 2.076.000

Quick charge feature for speedy recharging The smart and quick charge feature enables the battery to be fully recharged within a very short time span. The remaining power capacity present in the battery is determined by an internal circuit, so that the incoming voltage can be optimized for a quick recharge while at the same time maximizing the battery lifespan. Store your receiver on the convenient docking station The docking station provides convenient, tailor-made storage for your receiver when not in use, and on some models, it even takes care of battery charging. Pivoting ear-shells ensure a comfortable fit A perfect fit between the ear-shells and your ears prevents sound leakage and enhances the listening experience. The ear-shells move up and down as well as left and right for a perfect fit and optimum comfort. Crystal-clear (2.4 GHz) digital transmission The 2.4 GHz digital transmission prevents compression and data loss between the transmitter and the headphones. The digital signals are converted to analog signals at the end of the transmission process. The end-result is superb sound quality, with smooth acoustics and minimal data loss. Self adjusting inner headband ensures a comfortable fit The inner headband of these Philips headphones makes it easy to obtain a perfect fit for your head. The mechanism adjusts automatically for comfort. Acoustically tuned speakers for outstanding sound quality Acoustically tuned speakers produce pure, balanced sound with superb clarity and precision in both the high tones and deep bass levels.


Daftar Harga Headphone On-Ear Philips Terbaik 2018

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Philips SHL3060

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Headphone On-Ear Philips Indonesia

Dari sisi warna, On-Ear Philips terpopuler kini hadir dengan warna Putih, Pink dan Merah. Dapatkan diskon hingga 52% untuk rangkaian On-Ear Philips hanya di iprice! SHL3060, SHP 1900 dan X2 adalah dua On-Ear Philips terpopuler dari brand ini. Sennheiser, Ovleng dan Logitech juga bisa menjadi pilihan jika Anda masih ragu untuk memiliki On-Ear Philips. Anda bisa dapatkan daftar harga On-Ear Philips mulai dari IDR Rp 94.000 hingga IDR Rp 5.600.000 di iprice! Jika Anda sedang mencari On-Ear Philips, Anda dapat memilih baik Headphone On-Ear Nirkabel dan Headphone On-Ear Peredam Suara.