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samson C01U Pro USB Microphone
Rp 1.240.000

USB Studio Condenser Microphone - Samson C01U Pro Paket Penjualan : - USB Microphone Samson C01U Pro - USB Cable - Microphone Mini Stand USB Microphone with a Built-in Headphone Amp The Samson C01U Pro is a mobile musician's dream come true. With a simple USB connection straight into your computer, the C01U Pro brings studio-quality sound to your mobile sessions and podcasts. Musicians who record music on computers now have a simple, affordable way to capture high-quality vocal and acoustic instrument performances. And a built-in headphone amplifier delivers instant access to zero-latency monitoring. You can also use the C01U Pro with your iPad or iPhone to create an ultra-compact recording rig. Get an easy-to-use and all-in-one recording solution with the Samson C01U Pro USB microphone. Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser at a Glance: Skip the interface with this USB microphone Built-in headphone amp for monitoring Quality microphone based on popular C01U Skip the interface with this USB microphone The USB-ready Samson C01U Pro microphone makes recording easier than ever. Just plug directly into your computer and start recoding. You don't need any bulky preamps or audio interfaces, it's all built into the C01U Pro. This is ideal for mobile recording rigs, podcasting, and more. And with recording resolutions up to 16-bit/48kHz you'll get great sounding audio every time. Whether you're recording vocal and instruments, VoIP, speech to text programs, or podcasting, the Samson C01U Pro has the features and functionality you need. You can also use the C01U Pro with iPads and iPhones via Apple's Camera Kits/Adapters.


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Tahukan Anda bahwa Microphone Dynamic R21S [Sar21S], Microphone Dynamic [Q4] dan Tourtek Microphone Cables [Tm25] adalah Microphone samson terpopuler? Selain produk-produk Microphone samson, Anda bisa juga temukan berbagai koleksi dari brand lainnya, seperti Shure, Newfrog dan Sennheiser. Di iprice, Anda bisa mengecek daftar harga Microphone samson dengan variasi harga mulai dari IDR Rp 35.000 hingga IDR Rp 5.480.000. Anda bisa memilih antara Wireless Microphone dan Microphone Karaoke tergantung pada keinginan Anda. Berdasarkan observasi, warna terpopuler untuk Microphone samson adalah Silver dan Multicolour. Simpan uang Anda ketika membeli Microphone samson pilihan Anda dengan diskon hingga 44%!