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Harga Memancing shimano Online

Kunjungi Toko
Shimano Reel Nexave 1000RC
Rp 580.000

Nexave RC has a blue colour scheme designed to complement the full range of Nexave rods, and is the mid-range P4 reel which offers fantastic quality for an affordable price. Three shielded ball bearings and a roller bearing combine to produce a super smooth powerful performance and the multi-disc drag combined with Super Stopper II performs consistently and accurately when playing powerful fish. Featuring an Aluminium Spool with AR-C line management, plus Varispeed for excellent line lay with low diameter monos and braid delivering more precise casts even with light set-ups. The Nexave RC is one of the most recognisable reels in the rear drag range, and one that any angler can be proud to own. TECHNOLOGIES [-] HIDE ARC SPOOLSHIMANO ARC SPOOL IS A PATENTED SPOOL DESIGN WITH AN ANGLED SPOOL LIP. THIS DESIGN ENABLES THE LINE TO LEAVE THE SPOOL WITH LESS FRICTION AND IN SMALLER COILS RESULTING IN LONGER MORE ACCURATE CASTS. ARC SPOOLS ARE PROVEN TO REDUCE BACKLASH AND WIND KNOTS WHEN USING BRAID. Diecast AluminiumDiecast aluminium is used for many types of reel and is most common on fixed spool reel bodies and rotors. It is also used for spools on P4 fixed spool reels and come baitcasting models. XT7XT7 is the original Shimano composite reel material. Used on midpriced and budget reels and spools XT7 is reliable, robust and lightweight. VarispeedGood quality line lay is the most important feature for precise, long and accurate casting. Shimano's revolutionary 'Varispeed' System consists of two specially designed gears. One is oval and the other a remarkable square shape! Only a special computer program developed by Shimano has been able to make these to shapes fit together perfectly – the result is perfect parallel line lay and improved fishing precision. Super Stopper IISuper Stopper II eliminates backward movement and free play in the handle when the reel is set in antireverse. DynaBalanceDynaBalance reduces wobble during the retrieve by counter balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness. By using computer balancing Shimano are able to redistribute the rotor weight to create eliminate vibrations. Cap Bail Power Roller NEX1000RC 245 5,2:1 0.18-170 / 0.20-140 / 0.25-90 / 0.30-60 2-270 / 4-140 / 6-110 3 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing 64 2


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Harga Memancing shimano Online Indonesia

reel pancing sedona 1000 fi, alivio 10000 fa dan reel pancing sedona 2500 fi adalah koleksi Memancing shimano terpopuler. Ada banyak brand yang bisa Anda temukan secara online, seperti Multi, Pro Am dan louis will sebagai alternatif pilihan lain dari Memancing shimano. Dimulai dari daftar harga IDR Rp 30.000 hingga IDR Rp 17.404.000, Anda bisa dapatkan Memancing shimano berkualitas secara online. Terdapat dua jenis utama dari Memancing shimano, yaitu Alat Gulung dan Umpan Memancing. Anda bisa dapatkan diskon spektakuler hingga 63% untuk koleksi Memancing shimano hanya di iprice!