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Sony Sony Playstation Adult Female Sublimation Controller Large Sports Jack
Rp 490.000

Gamers will love this lightweight sports jacket, that has been inspired by one of the most popular gaming manufactures - Sony Playstation. It has been made from high quality material from a comfortable fit, with a large multiple controller pattern spread across the back of the jacket. This pattern also appears in diagonal bands on the arms and chest of the front of the jacket. Professionally stitched, this sports jacket is perfect for those nights out with your fellow gamers. Features - Premium Quality - Motif: Controllers - Professionally Stitched - Material: 100% Polyester - Size: Large - Gender: Adult Female - Official Sony Licensed Merchandise Clothing Specification - Size: L - European Size: 40 - UK Size: 14 - Chest Width: 94 cm - Waist Width: 76 cm - Hip Width: 102 cm Clothing Dimension - Size: L - Body Length: 64 cm - Chest Width: 51 cm - Waist Width: 45 cm - Bottom Width: 43.5 cm

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Sony SL Case Woman 013 Hardcase Casing for Xperia C5 Ultra - Black
Rp 170.000

SL Case Woman 013 Hardcase Casing for Sony Xperia C5 Ultra - Black merupakan hardcase yang terbuat dari solid plastic berkualitas tinggi, kuat, ringan, dan flexibel. Casing ini menutupi bagian belakang, samping kanan, dan kiri handphone. Anda dapat mengakses semua port pada handphone tanpa perlu melepas casing. Gambar di-print di bagian belakang casing, samping kanan kiri adalah warna casing.

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Rp 105.000