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Ubisoft Rayman Legends Game PC at 140000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Rayman Legends Game PC
Rp 140.000
Explore legendary new lands in an all-new adventure for Wii U from creator Michel Ancel Exciting new gameplay features, including new co-op modes and boss battles Improved graphics and design from the legendary Rayman team Rayman Legends takes Rayman, Globox and the Teensies on their wildest adventures yet. Michel Ancel, celebrated creator of Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and the Raving Rabbids has woven an all-new tale, exclusively for Wii U. While strolling through an enchanted forest, Rayman and pals discover a mysterious tent. Within that tent are a series of captivating paintings, each one telling the story of a fantastic mythical world. But these aren't just paintings – looking too closely, the gang are sucked into a painting and enter the medieval world it depicted… and so the adventures begin! Rayman and his friends must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting. The traditional Rayman gameplay gets some tweaks and enhancements in Rayman Legends. Boss Battles get an extra dimension of toughness as dragons and other legendary creatures can attack you from all sides and angles, really putting your skills to the test. There are new maps set to music, adding a fun rhythmic element to the game as you jump to the beat of a drum, punch to the bass line, and even zip-line during a guitar sustain. And connect online to test your skills and speed through a series of special challenges against your friends and other players around the world. Post your scores on the leaderboards to see how well you rank worldwide! Co-op multiplayer gets even better with Rayman Legends, too thanks to the new five-player drop-in/drop-out gameplay! Up to four players can control their characters using Wii Remotes, while the fifth player takes control of Murfy using the Wii U Game Pad, helping the other players by cutting ropes, grabbing enemies, gathering Lums and more! The Wii U Game Pad offers cool new ways to play in Rayman Legends. Use the touchscreen to take out enemies or manipulate platforms, and use the gyroscopic controls to move rotating platforms – as well as much more fun that will be revealed as you play! You can even use the Game Pad to keep playing even when the TV is off, continuing your adventures using the screen on the Game Pad instead. All this is brought to you by the legendary creators of the Rayman Series. Michel Ansel has once again assembled the same team of decorated artists, designers and composers to create the new worlds, new characters and new soundtrack for Rayman Legends. The UbiArt engine returns too, expanding its abilities to included the new 3D gameplay, new lighting design and a new rendering system to bring Rayman's award-winning graphics to the next level, harnessing the power of the Wii U for a visually stunning HD experience.
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Ubisoft Rocksmith 2014 Solus Game PC at 401000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Rocksmith 2014 Solus Game PC
Rp 401.000
Note: Game Only, cable from previous Rocksmith bundle is compatible but not included The first Rocksmith is already the fastest way to learn guitar according to a national U.s. study by Research Strategy Group Inc. Another study conducted by Toluna Group reported that 95% of Rocksmith players say it improved their guitar skills. In Rocksmith 2014 Edition players will experience an even more efficient and enjoyable method of learning guitar. With a completely redesigned interface and all-new features, Rocksmith 2014 Edition is tailored to better teach the key elements of guitar playing, and to make learning faster and more fun than any other method. A new fully customizable “Riff Repeater” lets players select any section of a song they want to play, and adjust the difficulty and speed on-the-fly. A new “Master Mode” makes playing by memory more approachable and new “Guitarcade” mini-games have been created to hone specific guitar skills. With these flexible and deep practice tools, it’s never been easier for players to play their favorite songs on guitar or bass. Rocksmith 2014 Edition also features a new track list with more than 50 hit tracks, including “Stone” by Alice In Chains, “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan, “The Chimera” by The Smashing Pumpkins, “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis, “ultra soul” by B’z; a famous pop-rock Japanese band. Many more hits will be announced in the coming months.
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Ubisoft Trials Evolution Gold Edition Game PC at 136000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Trials Evolution Gold Edition Game PC
Rp 136.000
The Trials Evolution Gold Edition is Two Trials in One Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will contain all the content of the original, best-selling Xbla game Trials Evolution. In addition, all of the single player tracks and skill games from Trials HD will be found in Trials Evolution – effectively doubling the content offering with two complete games, neither of which have ever before been available on PC. Optimized and Enhanced for PC Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will be optimized and enhanced for the PC gaming platform. All of the features of its forerunners – from the in-game editor, player sharing of tracks, and global Leader Boards, will be re-integrated into the game in a way that fits the new platform. Multiplayer Track Editor Indoor and Outdoor environments Bike and rider customizations Global competition Minimum Requirements: OS:Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 Processor:Intel Core®2 Duo E6700 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ @ 3.0Ghz Memory:2 GB RAM Graphics:DirectX® 10 compliant, 512 Mb video memory DirectX®:11 Hard Drive:4 GB HD space Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection Requires a UPlay account Recommended Requirements: OS:Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 Processor:Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU Memory:4 GB RAM Graphics:DirectX® 11 compliant, 1024 Mb video memory DirectX®:11 Hard Drive:5 GB HD space Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection Requires a UPlay account
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Ubisoft Age Of Mythology Gold Edition Game PC at 154000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Age Of Mythology Gold Edition Game PC
Rp 154.000
History made larger than life! From the creators of Age of Empires and the Age of Kings come Age of Mythology! Enter the Age of powerful gods and heroic mortals, mythic beasts and immortal powers, a time when history and myth are one! 9 Legendary Civilizations - Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies each has distinct civilizations and gods. Strategic Depth - Use heroes, mythological units, and god powers to add new strategic dimensions to your mortal forces. Epic Campaign - Single player experience with over 30 compelling scenarios, a rich story, and beautiful cinematics. 3D Engine - A rich 3D world filled with realistic terrain, water, and intense special effects. Fair Paly - Online gaming has a new proprietary matchmaking system, keeping games balanced and compelling for all skill levels. Redesigned Interface - Concentrate more on leading and less on managing with a new streamlined interface. Technical Details Rating 12+ (Pegi) Players 1 Minimum Requirements 98/me/2000/xp
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Ubisoft Settlers 7 Paths To a King Gold Edition Game PC at 89000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Settlers 7 Paths To a King Gold Edition Game PC
Rp 89.000
Since the first game of the award-winning building strategy series The Settlers was released in 1993, the game has brought lots of fun, suspense and tricky challenges to many homes. The Settlers Gold Edition packs together the award winning game The Settlers 7 Paths To A Kingdom and all the expansions released. The Settlers 7 Paths To A Kingdom recreates the building of a kingdom set in the early Renaissance period in a rich, wild, beautiful, and mostly empty middle-European world of lush forests, open meadows, fast flowing rivers, and high mountains. Based on strong game mechanics, deep gameplay and the foundations of the highly acclaimed Settlers games, you will easily become engaged in the exciting campaign, skirmish maps or multi-player challenges. An innovative victory point system and 3 different ways to play give you a lot of variety to build up your blossoming kingdom. Enjoy the award winning game of 2010 in its most complete edition to date with all three downloadable content packs included on the disc, offering hours of additional gameplay in both single and multiplayer. Enjoy deep and rich building & production systems encouraged by the classic Settlers games Create a kingdom with fortified towns and small villages where your Settlers produce goods for you. Expand your realm village by village, sector by sector Play the game different ways: Build strong armies and defeat your opponents by shear military power Increase your influence in the monasteries to get access to the most attractive technologies Occupy the best trade routes to become the richest player on the map The new victory point system brings more tension and competition! Victory points are awarded in many different ways, and each map becomes a fascinating race Conquering map sectors Having the biggest army Occupying the most trade routes Researching technology Become the richest kingdom Enjoy a new graphics engine that lets you experience the beauty of your realm in an unseen level of detail AI opponents will challenge you in a thrilling campaign and in the fully customizable sandbox mode. Online and offline you can play with friends and or AI players. Ladders, clans and team play are supported Settlers 7 is a game you can play in many different ways. By unlocking many new items and using the map forge, you can create your very own Settlers experience, adjusting victory points, AI profiles and much more Play it fast-paced and thrilling or slow-paced and relaxed - whatever suits your style Take the most of all three downloadable content packs included on this Gold Edition and offering 7 brand new single player maps for over 20h of gameplay as well as 6 multiplayer maps, new events and buildings
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Ubisoft Brothers In Arms Collection Game PC at 154000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Brothers In Arms Collection Game PC
Rp 154.000
Box includes Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30: The Night before D-Day 1944. The Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division are dropped into Normandy and scattered behind enemy lines. As Sgt. Matt Baker, lead your squad through eight harrowing days that will define history and unite you forever as brothers in arms. Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood: After the success of Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30, Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood adds new features and game modes. Brace yourself for one bloody combat against some fearsome enemies. Shoot all of 'em before they even got you! Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway: September 1944. It was one of the darkest moment of Wwii claiming the lives of 17,000 allied soldiers in only nine days. History books call it operation market garden, but the men of the 101st Airborne knew it as Hell's Highway. System Requirements Supported OS: Windows® 2000/xp (only) Processor: 1 GHz Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ (2.5 GHz Pentium IV or AMD recommended) Memory: 512 MB (1 GB recommended) Graphics: 32 MB DirectX® 9.0c compliant (see supported list*) DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included) Sound: 16-bit DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card Hard Drive: 5 GB Peripherals: Windows keyboard and mouse only
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Ubisoft Csi Crime Scene Investigation Deadly Intent Game PC at 94000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Csi Crime Scene Investigation Deadly Intent Game PC
Rp 94.000
For the first time ever, team up with the new cast of Csi: Crime Scene Investigation Season 9 to solve Sin City's most gruesome crimes. Explore five brand new, shocking cases written with CSI writers and bring the guilty to justice. Perform the tasks of a CSI detective: Collect evidence at the crime scene Dust for fingerprints Search for items that might be related to the case Unveil hidden evidence through observation and much more... Interview a variety of witnesses and suspects Utilise an improved interrogation system for more realistic character interactions Ask the right questions and use evidence collected at the crime scene to get the truth Analyse the evidence with the latest technology DNA analysis Microscopic analysis and much more... System Requirements OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista (only) Processor: 2 GHz processor or better (3.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent recommended) Memory: 512 MB (1 GB recommended) Graphics: 64 MB DirectX 8.1-compliant video card (128 MB recommended) (see supported list*) DirectX®: DirectX 8.1 or higher (included) Hard Drive: 2.3 GB free Sound: DirectX 8.1-compliant sound card *Supported Video Cards: Nvidia GeForce 2 / 3 / 4 / FX / 6 / 7 / 8 families, ATI Radeon 9000 / X families
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Ubisoft Onimusha 3 Demon Siege Game PC at 66000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Onimusha 3 Demon Siege Game PC
Rp 66.000
Nobunaga's evil scourge has now spread across time to affect the future. As Samanosuke prepares for battle, a new hero enters the fray: Jacques Blanc, French military officer. Together, this unlikely team must join together to stop the King of the Demons. Starring Jean Reno as Jacques Blanc and Takeshi Kaneshiro as Samanosuke, Onimusha 3 Demon Siege is the final chapter in the Onimusha Trilogy. Two heroes from different lands and time, travel through time and space to defeat the evil Nobunaga and his hoards or darkness. Control the fate of both men as you journey from 16th Century Japan to modern day Paris and back. Let the final battle begin. The final chapter in the Onimusha trilogy - the final battle with Nobunaga begins Dual hero system - control the fate of Samanosuke and Jacques Blanc (Jean Reno) Journey through time - battle Nobunaga's demons in Paris, 2004 and 16th Century feudal Japan Cutting edge graphics - state-of-the-art motion capture technology and jaw-dropping special effects rival Hollywood's best In-depth and complex storyline - intense and thrilling to the end!
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Ubisoft Driver Parallel Lines Game PC at 266000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Driver Parallel Lines Game PC
Rp 266.000
Driver: Parallel Lines follows the story of a young New York driver, TK, who makes his living driving gangsters, pimps, criminals, and lowlifes in and out of trouble, using his driving skills and street smarts to make money and live the good life of sex, fast cars and drugs. The year is 1978, TK plans to start a cocaine empire of his own but things don't pan out quite as well as planned, he gets locked up for 28 years. This fast-forwards the story to present day Manhattan where TK is set free, with one thing on his mind - revenge! New and Improved: Massive enhancements over previous Driver games - including better characters and vehicles AI, better graphics and physics. Gripped Camera In 3rd Person On Walk Mode: "Over the shoulder" more immersive experience of the game. Experience Open Environments Racing Over 260 km In Two Distinct Time Periods: Multiple paths to complete over 32 missions and 132 sight jobs across photo-realistic 1978 & 2006 New York City. Fully Immersive World: Open Environments provide multiply ways to complete over 35 missions. Movie-style Gameplay Experience: A fully engaging storyline combining state of the art cutscenes and realistic in-game interaction. Fast and Furious Cars: Experience the thrills of over 80 customizable vehicles, including cars, bikes and trucks.
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Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Directors Cut Edition PC Game at 103000.00 IDR from Nzgameshop
Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Directors Cut Edition PC Game
Rp 103.000
Assassin's Creed is set in 1191 AD, when the Third Crusade was tearing the Holy Land apart. Shrouded in secrecy and feared for their ruthlessness, the Assassins intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. Players, assuming the role of the main character Altair, will have the power to throw their immediate environment into chaos and to shape events during this pivotal moment in history. Assassin's Creed merges technology, game design, theme, and emotions into a world where you instigate chaos and become a vulnerable, yet powerful, agent of change. Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition features four brand new investigations, providing even more ways for players to explore the various locations of the Third Crusade Be an assassin: Master the skills, tactics, and weapons of history's deadliest and most secretive clan of warriors. Plan your attacks, strike without mercy, and fight your way to escape. Realistic and responsive environments: Crowds react to your moves and will either help or hinder you on your quests Action with a new dimension - total freedom: Eliminate your targets wherever, whenever, and however. Stalk your prey through richly detailed, historically accurate, open-ended environments. Scale buildings, mount horses, blend in with crowds. Do whatever it takes to achieve your objectives. Relive the epic times of the Crusades: Assassin's Creed immerses you in the realistic and historical Holy Land of the 12th century, featuring life-like graphics, ambience, and the subtle, yet detailed nuances of a living world Intense action rooted in reality: Experience heavy action blended with fluid and precise animations. Use a wide range of medieval weapons, and face your enemies in realistic swordfight duels. Next-gen gameplay: The proprietary engine developed from the ground up for the next-gen console allows organic game design featuring open gameplay, intuitive control scheme, realistic interaction with environment, and a fluid, yet sharp, combat mechanic
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