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Vanguard Espod Cx 203Ap
Rp 595.000

The Espod CX 203AP Aluminum Tripod with PH-23 Pan Head from Vanguard provides a stable and lightweight (3.5 lb) support with a pan/tilt head. The tripod extends to 61 and folds down to 22.6. Highlights: -360 Panning -Maximum Height: 61.0 -3-Section Legs -Flip Locks -Anti-Shock Ring -Bubble Level

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Vanguard VEO 2 235 AB Tripod - Red
Rp 2.665.000 Rp 3.065.000
Kunjungi Toko
Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 264CT Carbon Fiber Tripod
Rp 6.540.000 Rp 6.933.000
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