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Voice 2pcs K-188 Mini Invisible In Ear Hearing Aid Adjustable Sound Amplifier Audiphone Enhancer
Rp 400.000
Intended Use: -If you find difficult to hear very well from others, a hearing aid can help you regain your hearing so you can live the life your are used to. -Wearing a hearing aid means rediscovering the pleasure of gathering with friends and family, feeling more confident at work, and enjoying movies, music and TV programs. Features: 1. Super mini size hearing aid. 2. Attractive and novel invisible design. 3. Perfect in craftsmanship. 4. Adjustable volume control. 5. Battery compartment as On/Off switch. Description: Item Type: Invisible Mini Hearing Aid Shape: K-188 Suitable for: Both left and right ear Max Sound Output: 110dB+5dB Max Could Gain: 30dB+5dB Harmonic Wave Distortion: 10% Frequency Range: 300-4000Hz Input Noise: ≤40dB Battery: A10 Working Current: ≤3mA Quantity: 2 K-188 Invisible Mini Hearing Aid Kit Package Included: 2 X Invisible Mini Hearing Aid 2 X 3 Eearplug(different size) 4 X A10 battery 2 X Volume Adjustable Stick 2 X English Manual Usage: 1. Insert the earplug to the hearing aid, put the hearing aid in your ear and move it up and down to insure it on the right position, adjust the volume to get clear sound 2. Open the battery compartment, put into the corresponding battery and close the battery compartment tightly.(open the battery compartment, it will stop working, close the battery compartment completely, it will start to work) 3. Please take out the battery or turn off hearing aid when you stop to use the hearing aid Notes: -If you hear the whistling sound, please make sure if you put the earplug tightly, or if you use a appropriate size earplug.Turn off the hearing aid when you charge it. -Be sure the hearing aid is in minimum volume, otherwise the instant sound will make you uncomfortable
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Voice Aker MR1505 Portable 10W Loud Booster Microphone Amplifier Speaker
Rp 477.000
Features: Long battery life Very loud, excellent clarity, low feedback. Sound covers over 3,500 square feet Can also be used MP3 speaker. The amp has a microphone input and a MP3 input Two input ports, one for a microphone and one for sound input from devices like a MP3 player. Both input ports can be used at the same time Easy to use Voice Amplifier Size(L x W x H): Approx. 10.5x8.5x3.6cm/4.13x3.35x1.42'' Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Maximum Output Power: RMS 12W Frequency Response: 100Hz~13KHz±1db Operating Voltage: 7.4V Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium battery Large battery capacity: 2000mAh, usage time of 15-20 hours when fully charger Package Included: 1 x Voice Amplifier 1 x Microphone with Headset 1 x Audio Cable 1 x US Plug Power Adapter 1 x Adjustable Waist Belt 1 x Dust-proof bag 1 x Instructions
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Voice Portable Mini Handheld Megaphone Bullhorn Loud Speaker Amplifier Bullhorn
Rp 140.000
Features: Mini Portable Loud speaker with neck strap & folding handle. Functions: Volume adjust, Speaker, Music. Ideal for sporting events, public speaking, group activities and more. Material: Plastic+Metal Size:about 15cm/5.90 inches x 10cm/3.93 inches Neck Strap about 43cm/16.92 inches x 2.5cm/0.98 inches Output: 15W(Max) Max Range: about 100 Meter Powered by 6 x AA battery ( not included) Package Included: 1 x Mini Megaphone (battery Not included)
Kunjungi Toko
Voice ANOX JZ-1008A Digital Rechargeable Pocket Hearing Aid in Ear Earphone Type Sound / Amplifier Acousticon
Rp 320.000 Rp 432.000
Mini In The Box
Materials:ABS; Connection:Wireless; Listing Date:05/20/2017
*Harga diperbarui pada 25 Sep 2017

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